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Guangdong Free Trade Zone in the first diamond bonded trading platform (Figure) – Guangdong Channel – in Guangzhou in September 30, 29 days, Guangzhou drilling operations center, the first single diamond bonded storage business in Guangdong since Nansha Free Trade Zone District area successful completion of customs procedures, including a total of 166.08 carats of rough diamonds (the value of about 271 thousand yuan RMB) and a total of 6.07 carat diamond products (the value of about 20 thousand yuan RMB). Nansha Free Trade Zone, the first single bonded storage diamond. It is reported that this batch of diamond Yao Zhiyang photo, from Hongkong via Nansha port of entry and transit to Nansha bonded port. Guangzhou Nansha customs under the customs and inspection and quarantine departments to deepen the "three mutual cooperation, relying on the establishment of Nansha bonded port customs seized a joint work area, the rapid completion of orders release, diamond warehousing procedures. Guangzhou Canton drilling operations center is currently the only diamond bonded trading platform in Guangdong, settled in September this year, Nansha FTA test area. In order to support Guangzhou drilling operations center to create a national diamond exchange, since the release of Nansha free trade zone system innovation measures, give full play to the pivotal role of dividends, Nansha bonded port connected to the two international and domestic market radiation function, Guangzhou customs demand-oriented enterprises, according to the project function and business model, innovation of regulatory scheme the diamond district bonded warehouse, bonded display, transformation of processing trade "one-stop service". In addition, Guangzhou Customs seized customs also deepen cooperation, improve the efficiency of customs clearance of goods, customs seized control of the implementation of joint declaration of goods immigration, access to the area to complete the whole process of the parallel regulation within 1 hours, compared with the traditional supervision mode shortened more than half, greatly reduce the cost of customs clearance. China is currently the world’s second largest diamond producer and consumer market, Guangzhou and the surrounding area of the annual processing of the total number of diamonds accounted for more than 80% of the country. At the national level in Nansha district and Nansha Free Trade Zone, Nansha bonded port "Three Zone Overlay" under the background of Guangzhou drilling operations center located in Nansha, Guangzhou will vigorously promote the diamond industry from simple processing to the whole industry chain covering transformation and development, to promote foreign trade advantages into the excellent". (Zhong Zhe Huang Huixin Zhang Yingshi) (commissioning editor Zhong Zhe and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章: