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Business Friends and friendship can be over-rated (depending on one’s friends!). Whether you suddenly find yourself friendless due to a new situation, or decide that for a period friends have no place in your life, it is good to arm yourself with a few helpful ideas for getting through the time and even enjoying it! Tip 1: Put it in perspective. Life is not all about friends. In fact life isn’t all about anything but you. While friends can provide support, realize that satisfaction with life all starts with one’s self. Tip 2: Explore the benefits of being alone. This is important as most people tend to dwell on the negative aspects of being alone. Make a point of writing down the benefits and keeping it handy when you begin to succumb to a poor attitude. Tip 3: Adjust expectations. Sometimes we suppose life is like TV or movies where everyone seems to have a best friend or a wonderful set of friends that provide unconditional love and support. This is a fantasy. Sure, it can happen, but it doesn’t need to happen to be happy. Tip 4: Build self-reliance. Friendship can sometimes be.e a crutch. Surviving without friends means a renewed focus on what you can do, so go out and get things done. You’ll likely find greater satisfaction with your ac.plishments when you go it alone. Tip 5: Fill the gaps. Okay, let’s not kid ourselves, friends do provide benefits. But going without friends for a time doesn’t have to mean going without. All it takes is a readjustment and adaptation to fill our time with activities that would normally be taken up with friends. Tip 6: Keep a positive attitude about being alone. There will be times when you will long for friends – you see a group have fun or recall a certain situation or time with a friend. This is natural and shouldn’t be thought of as a negative. Keep a positive outlook. Tip 7: Focus on personal growth. Periods of being alone and loneliness can be great motivators for personal improvement. In fact in some cases going through periods of solitude give us even more resolve to change and evolve. Tip 8: Take action. Self-pity is a frequent consequence of being friendless and alone. Don’t fall into this trap. Action provides the mind and body with a diversion from despair and feeling sorry for one self. Tip 9: Keep up appearances. Don’t let personal grooming and hygiene go by the wayside. Give more time and attention to skin and hair and make a point to dress up and look sharp when you go out. Feeling and looking good has a beneficial effect on our outlook as well as propping up our attitudes. Tip 10: Reconnect with family. Oftentimes our family gets neglected in the pursuit of friends and friendship. Use this time to establish better bonds with family if possible. Tip 11: Find surrogate friends. There are people all around you that you may not consider friends, but can provide a support network. One’s boss, co-workers, even people you encounter at the store, caf or coffee shop can provide many of the same things a friend would. Tip 12: Give .plements. Brightening other people’s day is a sure way to make you feel better. These little connections with people can fill the emotional gaps that exist when without friends. Keep these twelve simple tips in mind as you make your way through a period without friends. Remember that being alone doesn’t have to mean loneliness. Many people who claim numerous friends suffer from loneliness. The most important thing to keep in mind is that through self-reliance and confidence, one can get through anything. About the Author: By: akansha tyagi – Prestige builders is a leading property firm renowned in the industry for presenting all well structured & beautifully design infrastructures. This time the firm presents its latestest resiclentlesociety venture named as Prestige Sunrise Park. 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