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Fuzhou City, a passenger to cancel the "bit"   the driver was accused of being scumbag "- Fujian Channel – original title: Fuzhou City, a passenger to cancel" drop "was the driver called" scumbag "by express evening of October 5th at 10:15 PM, Fuzhou by Mr. Shen called" bit "fast car, less than two minutes and cancel the order, the then Master Yu single text said Mr. Shen is" scumbag". Mr. Shen said, the next morning nearly 3, the rest of the master gave him a harassing phone call. Mr. Shen said, when he called the express, ready from Hongshan bridge to Cangshan on the top three bus stop, more than master received a single. Then he saw a roadside taxi, and less than two minutes to cancel the order, also called an apology to the master, the Master Yu verbal abuse him, but also made a content for the "you this scumbag" message to. On the morning of the 6 day, he was still harassing him when he was nearly 3. Yesterday, the reporter a telephone interview with Master Yu, he admitted that he had made content "scumbag" messages, is a bit angry, because he has to pick up a single, Mr. Shen and the distance is only 500 meters, Mr. Shen to cancel the order is not authentic, no credit. The late night phone call was a mistake, just a misunderstanding, and apologized afterwards, but Mr. Shen repeatedly questioned the phone. Reporters learned from the announcement issued by drops company, from 9 pm to 10:29 is the evening rush hour, drip driver orders have doubled incentives, etc., so cancellation of orders may cause a certain loss to the driver. In addition, the company has a strict evaluation criteria, orders canceled, the driver’s transaction rate is affected, evaluation points will be reduced, so the driver’s psychological pressure is great. (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Huang Yiwei) (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou) 福州市一乘客取消“滴滴” 被司机骂是“人渣”–福建频道–人民网 原标题:福州市一乘客取消“滴滴” 被司机骂是“人渣”   滴滴快车   10月5日晚上10时15分许,福州的沈先生通过“滴滴”叫了辆快车,不到两分钟又取消了订单,结果接单的余师傅发短信称沈先生是“人渣”。沈先生说,次日凌晨将近3时,余师傅还给他打骚扰电话。   沈先生说,当时他叫了快车,准备从洪山桥头到仓山的上三路公交站,余师傅接了单。随后他看到路边有的士,于是不到两分钟取消了订单,还打电话向余师傅道歉,结果余师傅口头谩骂他,还发了内容为“你这种人渣”的短信来。6日凌晨近3时,余还打电话骚扰他。   昨天,记者电话采访了余师傅,他承认曾发内容为“人渣”的短信,主要是有些气愤,因为他已经接了单,和沈先生的距离也只有500米,沈先生取消订单很不地道,没有讲信用。深夜的电话则是误拨,纯粹是误会,事后也进行了道歉,但沈先生多次反拨电话质问。   记者从滴滴公司发布的公告得知,晚上9时到10时29分是晚高峰时段,滴滴司机接单有加倍奖励等,所以取消订单可能对司机造成了一定的损失。另外,滴滴公司有严格的评价标准,订单被取消,司机的成交率受到影响,评价分也会被降低,所以滴滴司机的心理压力很大。   (海峡都市报记者 黄义伟) (责编:陈楚楚、吴舟)相关的主题文章: