From now on, Tianjin will carry out three special actions to control illegal freight cars

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Now Tianjin will carry out three special action illegal governance truck from the Municipal Transportation Commission was informed that the illegal modification and truck overloading and other illegal activities, the city will be from now on, to carry out three special rectification action for 1-2 years. Actions include: a letter of appointment in conjunction with the relevant departments to carry out remediation trucks a year illegal modification of special operations; by the transportation department in conjunction with the public security departments to carry out remediation highway trucks illegal overloading behavior special action for a period of one year; by the transportation department will conduct a two-year car transport joint enforcement action with relevant departments in stages to carry out remediation. City Transportation Commission deputy inspector Zheng Ping, the Ministry of transportation in accordance with the requirements of the relevant departments, the first unified a standard, namely the overloading of vehicles and law enforcement standards, six axis and above the vehicle weight limit of 55 tons to 49 tons of unified dispatching, the vehicle management and production standard of unity the transport sector, and public security departments unified standards of law enforcement. The next step will pay close attention to the two source overload, namely grasping vehicle production and modification of the source of supervision, focused on organizing production truck modification and sales of enterprises and products focused on cleaning up; also caught the cargo source control, strict control of illegal overloading of vehicles and stations. The key to take the perfect road network monitoring, strengthen pavement joint law enforcement, strict implementation of the "super four penalty" and the establishment of road transport credit management and other four measures to prevent vehicle road traffic accidents, to protect the road property right, to create a secure environment for the public to travel through the traffic.

即日起 天津将开展三个专项行动治理货车违法   从市交通运输委获悉,针对货车非法改装和超限超载等违法行为,本市将从即日起,开展为期1-2年的三个专项整治行动。   行动具体包括:由工信委会同有关部门开展为期一年的整治货车非法改装专项行动;由交通运输部门会同公安部门开展为期一年的整治公路货车违法超限超载行为专项行动;由交通运输部门会同有关部门开展为期两年的车辆运输车联合执法行动,分阶段开展整治。   市交通运输委副巡视员郑平介绍,此次,按照交通运输部等有关部门的要求,首先统一了一个标准,即车辆超限超载执法认定标准,将六轴及以上车辆重量限值由55吨统一调为49吨,实现了车辆管理与生产标准相统一,交通运输部门与公安部门执法标准相统一。   下一步,将狠抓两个源头治超,即抓车辆生产和改装源头监管,重点组织开展货车生产改装、销售企业及产品集中清理;还有抓货物装载源头监管,严控非法超限超载车辆进出场站。   将重点采取完善道路监控网络、加强路面联合执法、严格实施“一超四罚”、建立道路运输信用管理等四项举措,有效预防货车道路交通事故,依法保护公路路产路权,为市民出行创造安全畅通的交通环境。相关的主题文章: