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Mobile-Cell-Phone With so many offers of Free Cell phones these days it is hard to make a choice. All the major phone providers have used this as a very successful marketing tool. They feel that once they can get you as a customer that you will stay forever. Here are some of the requirements that go with these free cell phone offers. 1. Contract Period Most companies require you to sign a minimum contract of 2 years and if you want to end your contract early you will have pay a $200-$300 cancellation penalty. One thing to keep in mind is that, any changes you make requires the contract period to start over. If you decide after 6 Months to make a change to your rate plan decide you want a different phone, your contract will start over & you will have locked yourself in for another 2 years. 2. Phone Features Cell phones these days are starting to rival lap tops. The capabilities are changing and becoming more advanced everyday. From taking digital pictures, Bluetooth connectivity, streaming video, browsing the web, sending and receive email, to Integrated Radio. The cell phones of today are much more sophisticated than they were even 1 year ago. When a new phone model becomes available the older models becomes obsolete. These are generally the models that you will see Free with new line activation. There is nothing wrong with these models, they are just yesterdays technology. (Keeping mind that yesterdays technology is usually just a few months old). 3. You might want to start your search on the internet as the phone companies tend to put their best deals online. Sometimes you do have to pay for the phone but you will be eligible for a rebate equal to the cost. They usually will also throw in free shipping and no activation fees. You can get more information on choosing a call phone here, ..getacellphone../Finding-the-right-cell-phone.php Here are some of the phones currently offered for free on the internet: T-Mobile Nokia 6010 Simple and easy to use: caller ID, voicemail, e-mail, text messaging, instant messaging, and more $99.99 with an instant discount of $99.99 T-Mobile – Samsung x475 – Ready for phoning or fun with downloadable games, HiFi Ringers, Megatones, and wallpapers. Includes a full-color screen, voice recorder, external caller ID, and AOL Instant Messenger’ built-in $119.99 with a web only $119.99 discount Verizon Wireless – Motorola V276 The Motorola V276 delivers a sleek and stylish look while offering the latest features that allow you to keep in touch with ease. With an easy to use integrated camera, the V276 makes it a snap to shoot and send while on the go. When you want to take a break and see what’s going on in the world, launch Mobile Web 2.0 to get the latest information in news, sports and weather. $50 with an online $50 discount. Sprint Samsung A560- .bines value with Style and includes text messaging and voice activated dialing. $169.99 with $169.99 Instant savings Cingular Nokia 6061 Media . capable for surfing the Inter. Downloadable Music Tone Ringtones, Games and Graphics Mobile Instant Messaging using AOL, Yahoo! and ICQ Instant Messanging. $79.99 plus an online discount of $79.99. This is just an example of the different offers you can take advantage of when shopping for cell phone. Just remember FREE always means with new line activation About the Author: 相关的主题文章: