Facts And Symptoms Xbox 360 Red Ring Of

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UnCategorized What normally happens before the Xbox red ring of death appears is, you are just sitting at home and playing your most favorite game either by yourself, most of the time, or you have a connection to the internet and you are now playing with your buddies. The game starts to get exciting and the time you spent practicing and getting through different levels has now reached its climax. You are almost at the end of the game and you feel an adrenaline rush coming, you tell yourself this is it. Palm sweating as you face your final obstacle before you can gain what you have been playing for all this time, you are getting to the end and just when you are about to win! Your console unit suddenly freezes. Then you realize that the Xbox 360 red ring of death has now appeared. Do not start acting wild and doing something stupid like throwing your Xbox outside your window out of frustration? You are not the only to experience such a tragedy. Many gamers have encountered such problem and it is all Microsofts fault for hastily making the Xbox 360 so it could be the first fourth generation console to be released. They made the cooling system of the unit to small thus your Xbox unit slowly heat up because you are playing non stop it cannot cool off. In short, your Xbox is now overheated. This does not meant you have to be sad and start saving to buy a new one, no you do not have to do that. But you should have read the symptoms telling you that there is a problem. They are very subtle symptoms and you really have to pay attention, like you notice graphics problem when you are playing, your character freezes and you notice lines and squares appearing on screen and when you play you encounter problems with the sounds. Here are some facts that explain what happens when you encounter the Xbox 360 red ring of death. * Actually, there is really nothing wrong with the whole unit when the three red lights appear. It only means your graphics processing unit (GPU) is loose. * No matter how you try to reset and start your Xbox again, it will never work out fine again unless you take care of the graphics processing unit problem. * As you browse the net, you will come across different methods of fixing your console. I must tell you that you should not to believe those right away especially the towel trick. These are all misleading information. * It would be unlucky if your warranty has just expired because when you send your unit to be fixed by Microsoft, you will surely need quite a large amount of cash for it. It will also take much time for it to be repaired. * Fixing your Xbox is not a head breaking thing to deal with. All you need is to repair the GPU in the mother board and you can actually do it yourself. * Should this certain problem be addressed and fixed, for sure you will never encounter it again and you are set for another session of your favorite Xbox game. Now you know the facts there is nothing to worry about if this happens to you, just be patient with yourself and you will get through it. So now you know what the truth is about the Xbox red ring of death. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: