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Nutrition Simply defined, testosterone therapy is a form of treatment that involves the addition of the hormone testosterone into a mans body seeking to increase the concentration of this hormone. This course of treatment is used in the treatment of hypogonadism a condition brought about by inadequate production of testosterone by a mans testes either due to the testes malfunctioning or because the brains pituitary glands or hypothalamus arent working as expected. A man afflicted with this condition typically has low levels of testosterone in his blood and will also display testosterone deficiency symptoms including excessive fat stores, poor muscle development, low sex drive, breast development, absence of body hair, and so on. Thanks to testosterone therapy it is possible for men suffering from hypogonadism to reacquire a healthy sex drive as well as have various aspects of masculinity restored. This form of therapy is only suitable for men who have been accurately diagnosed as having hypogonadism, notably the detection of low blood testosterone levels and the aforementioned deficiency symptoms. Owing to the fact that many causes of testosterone deficiency cannot be permanently remedied, e.g. malfunctioning testes, this therapy is continued for life. Nevertheless, this therapy is also applicable for persons whose testosterone deficiency causes are reversible or as a result of advanced age. Testosterone therapy is not applicable for men suffering chronic illnesses or trauma, men suffering breast cancer or prostate cancer, men suffering congestive heart failure and other specified conditions. Receiving testosterone injections is arguably the most ideal and cost-effective approach for this course of therapy. An oil-based solution .prising of testosterone is administered intramuscularly whereupon the solution starts to steadily release the hormone into the bloodstream. Men receiving this therapy will typically start with a single injection at intervals of 1-2 weeks with each injection containing an amount of testosterone prescribed by a doctor. The administering doctor will adjust the dosages quantity and regularity as per the response observed in blood testosterone levels; the dose may be increased where rise in hormone levels is deemed to be inadequate and vice versa. Testosterone injections administered weekly are referred to as short-acting injectable testosterones. Men receiving these injections typically show increased blood testosterone levels as well as an improvement in deficiency symptoms in the immediate period following hormone administration but testosterone levels gradually wane after this. Testosterone injections are capable of delivering long-term respite in medically supervised programs providing significant relief from debilitating symptoms. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: