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Coaching The libraries are filled, and there are many news articles with story after story of awkward kids, young people who couldn’t pass exams in school, athletes who didn’t make the team early on, older people who faced extreme hardship. Yet some way, somehow, they went on to achieve great success! So how did all of these people separate themselves from the "average? They made a conscious choice and a conscious decision to do whatever they had to do to wake up the sleeping giant within. With the assistance of a mentor, a consultant, a coach, they set a goal to tap their unused potential. With practice, dedication, .mitment, hard work and most importantly with a strategic performance consultant alike John Douglas SO CAN YOU! As John Douglas outlines there are four steps you can implement and apply to wake up the sleeping giant within you and achieve your ultimate dreams and attain success. First, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Believe that you do have a sleeping giant within you; an untapped potential that you makes you unique and different, something that you can develop, grow and achieve more. Second, EXPECT TO SUCCEED! Living life with positive expectancy produces great rewards. Remember, the only limitations you will ever have are those you place on yourself. Third, VISUALIZE YOURSELF SUCCEEDING! Never see yourself as you are now, but only how you would be if you wake up the giant within and develop your hidden potential. Know that each success along the journey draws you closer to the mental picture you have of your new future and the satisfaction that .es from ac.plishing the step-by-step goals you have set. Fourth, PURSUE YOUR NEW GOALS OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WITH EMOTIONAL CHARGE! -Get emotionally involved! -Be.e passionate! -Get excited! -Be.e enthusiastic! -Feel your adrenaline pump! -And feel the sleeping giant awaken. AND KNOW THAT YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME PERSON AGAIN. John Douglas a leading strategic performance consultant and Exclusive Leadership Academy helps his clients through coaching and mentoring them, to unblock and remove any obstacles hampering their success, uncover reasons why they are not achieving all they desire and help create a massive action plan which they are held accountable for to ultimately achieve their desired goal or out.e. With 100% .mitment and focus you too can change your life, and develop into the person you were born to be.e. Start today and never look back, book a .plimentary discovery session with Exclusive Leadership Academy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: