Eight Steps Toward A Home Or Office Emergency Plan-winavi video converter

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UnCategorized This brief primer will get you started with 8 basic principles of emergency preparedness. We will list each one and expound upon it in the list below. Make Contact Make sure that everyone in your home knows where they should meet if an emergency should happen. Designate a good friend or relative who lives far enough away to be okay in the case of a disaster as the contact person. You’ll find that out of state contacts are ideal because your long distance will kick back on faster than your local telephone. You’ll find that having a number that you can make the hub of your network is ideal, and you can even make up emergency response cards that can be handed to your co-workers and to your family. This might be the easiest way to get back in contact after an emegency. Preparation Is Key Make sure that you have an emergency survival kit near to hand, whether you buy one or assemble it yourself. Everyone should know where it is and how to use it. One way to make sure that everyone is going to be okay is to ensure that everyone has at their own kit. Meeting Up Where is your family going to meet up after everything is over? If your home is unsafe and if things are still unsteady, it might take you a while to really figure out where everyone is. One way to arrange it is to have one meeting place that is inside your hometown and one that is outside of it if you are evacuated. Essentially, you are trying to make sure that everyone is in the right place and that if someone is missing, you’ll be able to figure it sooner not later. Escape Route Planning What is the best and fastest way to leave your office or your home? You should have at least two possible openings, and if one is blocked you should try the other one. You’ll find that this is quite important. Survival Kits One of the best tools to have available to you is a good survival kit. Personal information like your contact numbers, insurance carriers and bank informations should be in there, just like anything else you would need for your safety or comfort. Turning Off The Lights Where is the gas main and your water shut off valve? When you are looking to make sure that you know how safe your home or workplace is, consider letting everyone know where they are and how to access them safely; this is especially important if you are in earthquake zone. These ulilities will need to be addressed in the event of an emergency. Practice Makes Perfect Make sure that everyone that you care about practices your emergency preparedness drills regularly. Good practice is extremely important when you want to make sure that everyone gets out okay. Special Needs What are the special needs of the people in the situation? If there are people with disabilities, or people who cannot speak English, this is something that needs to be considered. Similarly, people with medication needs should also be addressed. About the Author: Jon Fotheringham has been in the emergency preparedness field for several years. He hopes to help families all over the world be prepared in disaster situations. He also writes for the site .ntemergencysurvivalsupplies.., which offers survival kits , emergency food and water, first-aid, and other preparedness goods. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: