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Travel-and-Leisure No country on earth boasts a longer recorded history than Egypt. With the river Nile running through its land, Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Every year thousands of tourists visit this marvelous country and fall in love with its enchanting beauty and exciting history. Egypt is a Middle Eastern country located in North Africa, land of the majestic pyramids and mega-temples. Tour operators offering Egypt holiday packages make sure that you see each and every place of interest in Egypt. Most Egypt holiday packages are centered towards the important Egyptian monuments such as the Giza pyramids, Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Great Sphinx of Giza, and the Luxor Egypt tour. All these places have a number of ancient and interesting artifacts about Egypt. We live a stressful life and going on vacation is a welcomed break for all. Anyone visiting Egypt can enjoy its natural wonders, the best locales, and a cruise on the river Nile. Each and every place in Egypt, from the Pyramids to the Egyptian Valley of the Kings, swanks a rich and celebrated history. Flying over Egypt, you will notice ample land is sparsely inhabited. The majority of the Egyptian population is located along the Nile River with the large concentration of inhabitants in its two metropolitan areas, Cairo and Alexandria. Egyptian holiday packages include the visit to pyramids and to the various archeological vestiges of the Pharaohs. It is a fact that Egypt is absolutely dependent upon the Nile River and without it Egypt would have been bereft of its rich heritage and modern state. As far as main attractions go, Cairo is the historians haven and an architects enchantment. Even if you arent a historian or an architect, you will be intrigued by all the different and enticing stories, movies, and documentaries that you will come across about Egypt. The main highlight of Egypt holiday packages is that you wont feel bored because this place offers something for everyone; including mouth watering cuisines. Even if you arent a foodie, your taste buds will be teased by one of the traditional Egyptian meals consisting of kebabs and kofta. You can also settle for various continental meals and a variety of international cuisine also offered there. STI Travel makes sure that your Egypt holiday packages include all the interesting places and activities. Pack your bags and get ready to hit this marvelous country now with STI Travels Egypt vacation packages. For more information on Egypt holiday packages, Egypt vacation packages, Egypt Nile River tours, Egypt travel guides, and Egyptian citadel, visit .sti-travel… p About the Author: 相关的主题文章: