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Home-Securtiy Imagine you are working out of the country and your wife and children are home alone for the weekend. Your next flight out is monday morning so you start to worry about your family thinking if they will be alright or not. Luckily for you you had some home security installed before you decided to take this job. Not many people can afford a high tech security alarm system. Instead there is such a replacement for these high tech alarm system that is affordable and very light on the wallet, introduce to us is the Driveway Patrol Infrared Wireless Alert System. The Driveway Patrol Infrared Wireless Alert System keeps you aware of intruders or any kind of visitors anywhere around your home. This amazing home alarm system is wireless so you can place it anywhere that you want to monitor motion such as your mailbox, driveway, garage, or any room inside your home. Just place the sensor wherever you want and keep the receiver with you so you can be alerted whenever someone or something crosses the invisible path. When an intruder is detected a pleasant yet noticeable chime is sounded alerting you of their presence long before they reach you. This weather resistant sensor installs in seconds with a screw driver and has up to a 400 foot range.This burglar alarm system uses 1 ‘9V’ battery and 3 ‘C’ batteries. The wireless receiver may also be plugged into a 4.5 V DC adapter. The advantages of having the driveway patrol home alarm system is that is so cost effective and that you can move it anywhere you want to install to monitor any kind of suspicious activity around your home. Knowing that your family is safe and sound brings a great sense of feeling to you because you know that if you should ever have to go away again then you know that your family will be ok thanks to this burglar alarm system you just installed!!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: