Dress is also not too satisfactory, otherwise will be buried in the crowd! – Sohu haywire

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Dress is also not too satisfactory, otherwise will be buried in the crowd! Sohu – a very bright, wind suits, T-shirts with above nine pants together, the version slightly relaxed, comfortable and soft fabrics breathable, wear on the like in the sunshine, spring and autumn can wear suits, rare, believe the girls have the same feeling to see it with me, with most of my buddy are retained a set, which is used in various body MM wearing simple and clear. Acting together with me. All-match… St.goods, collocation of various long T-shirts, blouses, sweaters are very good body shape, hips, abdomen front pocket for fake pocket, not open. Dyed twill woven activity can not ball, do not fade, the seasons of the year required! Trend couple loaded, the upper body effect is too good, too fan children, fashion you deserve! It has the following advantages: 1- version, very thin enough retro 2- color is beautiful enough! These two points are enough! Tall waist belt design you can also save a lot of trouble. This kind of green collocation is very special, but also our own to set the color of dye, the market we will not see the upper neck long sleeved sweater as like as two peas, medium thickness, wear good just now! Sleeve on the color stripe, age and eye-catching! The lower part of the body is more convenient and elastic pants, lumbar puncture! Two pocket design, leisure convenience! The upper bound no sense of color stripes on both sides of the legs, and sleeves, echoes, fresh and energetic body. This is a design slightly slim Oh bell, retro style, delicate embodies women’s beauty ~ ~ it looks very thin Oh ~ any MM can easily handle it, and very all-match Oh ~ ~ 1 is simple all-match leggings. 2 tight version of the type, stick thin, modified leg type. 3 small trousers split ends, is it different from one of the highlights of other leggings. 4 cotton shell fabric, elastic, rebound is also very good.相关的主题文章: