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Weight-Loss Review Summary Dream Shape is taken prior to bed, so there is no need to plan the day and meals around a diet pill, there are no stimulants in this formula so it will not keep you awake; Dream Shape is taken at night. The pituitary gland secretes HGH naturally; Dream Shape claims to enhance this production by up to 5 times the normal rate. Ingredients at a Glance There is one ingredient in Dream Shape, Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid powder (also known as GABA). Ingredients in Focus GABA supports healthy nerves and nervous system function. Moreover, GABA purportedly enhances the pituitary glands ability to manufacture a higher level of HGH. The ingredient is a naturally occurring amino acid found in nature. The maker of Dream Shape claims to provide the most powerful form of GABA and that its 100% pure. They also claim that it is the most powerful weight loss supplement on the market. There is no evidence that this is true. Many claim that HGH has many benefits including anti-aging properties and muscle building properties. Many have taken synthetic HGH in professional sports and have seen tremendous results, but one cannot expect these same effects with a precursor to HGH. Positives -The product claims to be 100% natural. -HGH is produced naturally by the body. -The formula contains only one ingredient. Negatives -Forcing the body to produce more HGH may be harmful for some. -There is no evidence that a precursor to HGH has the same effect as real HGH. -HGH is also produced at a higher level by rigorous exercise. -There is no clinical evidence that this product increases HGH production. -There are no testimonies by actual customers. Final Thoughts Forcing the body to produce additional HGH may be a dangerous game, especially if one has existing medical conditions. Interestingly, exercise will help the body produce more HGH. When it is produced naturally by exercise the body is secreting on its own terms. There is no clinical evidence that supplementation will increase HGH production. There is clinical evidence, however, that exercise produces weight loss and similar effects to supplementation. In addition eating a healthy diet in conjunction with exercise is also known to help an individual lose weight. There are supplements on the market that can support weight loss with ingredients to burn fat and suppress the appetite. Look for one and add it to your diet and exercise program. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: