Devaluation quietly raise your hands of the RMB will enter the 7 era kimi wo omou melodi

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Devaluation quietly raise your hands of the RMB will enter the 7 era? Devaluation quietly accelerate the RMB will enter the 7 era? Reporter Ouyang Xiaohong Beijing reported coincidence or homeopathy for it? Iron bottom mark dollar (6.7) in October 10th was opened, some "close" live, along the strong dollar trend, October 27th decline to 6.7736, the spot exchange rate price hit 6.7820, offshore RMB trading fell 6.79 points, a record low. Behind this perhaps, the central mother quietly doing an action: to protect foreign exchange reserves, asset protection. Monetary authorities have been entangled for so long, or trying to get the market to say. Of course, the premise is to pay attention to the strategy, the non dollar currencies weaken and reduce potential outside the control range and good order of depreciation. According to China Merchants Securities (18.190, 0.29, 1.62%) as chief macroeconomic analyst Xie Yaxuan, the practice of monetary policy from the perspective of "811 since the exchange reform in place, the liquidity management of the RMB exchange rate fluctuations in the central bank, as long as the devaluation of the renminbi is not caused by a liquidity crisis, then the possibility of RMB volatility in asset prices is not high. The key word is "liquidity", "RMB asset price". The former, the bond market seems to be "hidden": October 25th, Shanghai interbank offered rate (Shibor) of all varieties of rose across the board, short-term funds face tightening. The latter, regardless of the current A-share market or the property market, its asset price volatility is not obvious, almost stabilized to describe A. However, behind the calm, surging undercurrent. The market expected depreciation in the inquiry as a crescendo: RMB exchange rate may be reduced? Near or far future, will lead to "7"? If a moderate devaluation of RMB exchange rate reform process, and the various domestic and international economic cycle evolution, may be found: this round of devaluation of the RMB began in the second half of 2014 is expected to "peak" or at a time when the RMB is facing an external shock in 20 years, is the cause of the dollar. October 27th, the first time in the early days of the offshore RMB fell below 6.79 mark, hit a new low. Traders consensus is that the market is expected to raise interest rates for the fed in December is consistent, and before the interest rate hike, the dollar remained strong, or the test of 100 points in the previous high point. In fact, the expected depreciation of the warming in the traders opinion, is not surprising, because near the end of the month, the purchase of foreign exchange demand. In the right place, there are big banks continue to provide dollar liquidity, such as early trading at 6.7770 u.s.. However, the short-term RMB exchange rate may test the support position 6.80." When the yuan broke the 6.7 mark, and all the way down, in October 25th, the dollar index broke through the 99 mark, hit a new high in February. So far, in October 27th, the central parity of 6.7736 yuan against the U.S. dollar depreciation of the year of 4.31%, the devaluation of 10 on the day of 0.65%, the devaluation of 1.84% on the day of 60; on the contrary, 1.43%. This is a list of data may seem "pessimistic", when compared to other non dollar currencies, may feel relieved. For example, the day, the euro against the dollar reported 1.092.相关的主题文章: