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News-and-Society Valentines Day is just around the corner! Isn’t it exciting? Or are you feeling just a little apprehensive about this day? As single parents, to be surrounded by lovey-dovey couples would be a bit akin to a small nightmare. But not if you have someone special to spend the day with. Your answer just may be single parents dating. Interested? Read on! Understandably, many single parents have mixed feelings about this day. Well, not only single parents, but all singles that imagine themselves as being surrounded by couples acting all lovey-dovey. So does this mean that all the single parents should go and hide in their rooms and just let this day pass? I don’t think so. Being a single parent would not and should not stop you from having fun; don’t feel depressed or frustrated. Instead of going with the flow, why not try to look beyond the way the world has packaged Valentines, and make it into a memorable day for you and your kids? Let’s try to see two options, and then see which one you like better. First, redefine your meaning of Valentines and make it special for yourself and your children. Who says that this Day of Hearts has to be one of the "eros" kind of love? You can make this day a special day for your child and yourself. How? Well, why not do something fun and creative together? If you’re good in the kitchen, then try to get them to cook dinner with you too. Or if not, bake a special Valentines cake for dessert. You can also make special Valentines Day cards for each other. Make them together, but make sure you tell your kids that the cards would be secret and can only be revealed during Valentines Day. Not only do these activities divert your attention from an otherwise potentially lonely day, but it also allows you to spend precious moments with your children. And lastly, if you’re one of those single mums who don’t want to stay single on this special day, then you can join in on an online dating site this day? It would mark a special day of your life: the day when you decide that you need a romantic partner in life, that would be your first step into putting your desire into action. If the dating scene overwhelms you, and you can’t seem to find it in yourself to get into all the hassle of finding a date because you don’t want to lose precious time with your kids or you don’t want to risk a blind date with someone, then online dating is the perfect choice for you! Being a single parent would likely mean that your schedule would be crazy; so lurking in bars or going out on fixed dates by your family or friends, is just not a practical option. With online single parent dating, you don’t have to physically go miles away just to meet someone: connected with lots of people who are willing to get to know you. Who knows, one of those people might just be the one you are looking for. Who knows, he just might be a click away. Isn’t that exciting? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: