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Business "An army marches on its stomach" so they old saying goes, though as we all know it isn"t just the military that need quality sustenance to carry out their day to day duties. An army of construction site workers is no different, without consuming enough calories in a day it would be one hell of struggle to make it through the day working to optimum levels. Regardless of the size of your workforce you need to make some kind of provisions for keeping them fed, even though a number of them will make their own arrangements via way of a pack up/snap (other regional variants are no doubt available). If you have a small workforce and your site is located conveniently near a population centre you will likely be able to get away with providing jus the very basic of facilities like on site vending machines. Keeping a full on site canteen running for a small work force when the option to walk in to the nearest town or village is there is simply not cost effective for most businesses, conversely if you have a small workforce yet have no where around that would offer your workforce the facility to purchase lunch an on a site canteen may still be required. Any large site catering operating with large numbers of on site staff should really make provisions for an onsite canteen. We would generally say that if a site has 100 workers or more then a fully operational canteen should be considered. A full service canteen on site can provide your workforce with a choice of hot or cold meals, snack items and hot and cold drinks. The quality of an on-site canteen when .pared to vending machines is also an important factor as it is doubtful that anyone out there could honestly say they preferred a brew from a vending machine rather than a freshly made one from a canteen, Starbucks they may not be but they certainly do have the beating of a vending machine. It is important if/when selecting a .pany to provide construction site catering services that you ensure all staff provided hold the relevant qualifications and training to meet requirements, this could cover things such as food hygiene certificates. Not all .panies who offer construction site catering services are the same though so you must be sure to research the area thoroughly. A good approach would be to send the same email detailing your potential requirements to a selection of providers to see what they suggest as a solution in their response. You can then weigh up the responses against each other in order to make an informed decision of who will provide you with construction site catering services. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: