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Marriage-Wedding Christian wedding reminds of beautiful peaceful wedding adorned in white color decor symbolizing purity. Christian weddings in India like other religions are deeply rooted in its religion and that is why the wedding takes place in the church before a priest and is attended by close relatives only. According to Christian belief a marriage is the union of two souls which is blessed by Christ. A Christian wedding is formalized after the groom puts a ring into brides finger which is a sign of affirmation from the grooms side that after this, he will marry her only. Then a priest or an elder in the family makes the Christian sign thrice with his hands so that they stay away from the evil. The wedding celebrations begin with Bridal shower in which all the female relatives and friends gift presents to the bride and bless her for her happy married life. This occasion is filled with fun and enjoyment where the bride serves a pink cake to all her relatives in which a thimble is hidden and whoever receives that thimble in her piece of cake will be the next to get married. Similarly, bachelors party is thrown by the groom for his friends. It involves enjoyment as all the men indulge into heavy drinking. On the wedding day which usually happens in the morning or afternoon the Christian bride wears a wedding dress which is a white colour gown and sometimes Indian Christian brides also prefer a white colour saree with a white veil of net and a flower bouquet in her hands. The white colour is a symbol of purity and virginity. The Christian groom on the other hand, dresses in a formal suit which can be in white or black colour. The bride and the groom then leave for the church where the wedding ceremony will be conducted. Unlike other Indian marriages where the groom is wel.ed by the brides family, in Christian weddings the bride arrives later and the groom waits for her. The bride is then wel.ed by the best man with a kiss on her hand and gives her a bouquet of flowers. They both then walk up to the place where the priest is standing beside whom the groom stands waiting for her bride-to-be. The best man leaves the bride besides the groom where they face towards the priest. The priest begins the ceremony with wedding hymns and recites reading from the bible, after which he asks separately from the bride and the groom whether they take each other as each others life partner. The couple gives answer in a promise that they take each other as their life partner and exchange their wedding rings and kiss each other and sign on a register and turn around to walk arm-in-arm and leave the church. After .ing out, the bride throws flowers backwards without looking back and whoever catches the bouquet is believed next in line to get married. The couple then sits in the car decorated with flowers and leave for a long drive. After the marriage, the next occasion is reception party .anized by both the families together where they call their relatives, friends and neighbors to bless the newly weds and enjoy music, multi-cuisine food and have a good time. The newly married couple cuts a huge cake and a close family member raise a toast in their honor and the party is carried on with lots of music and dance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: