Chinese enterprises and Zhongxing 3 billion 46 million stripping Tianjin project; transfer to

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Chinese enterprises and Zhongxing 3 billion 46 million stripping   Tianjin project; transfer to offshore real estate real estate — original title: Chinese enterprises and Zhongxing 3 billion 46 million stripping the transferor for offshore real estate project in Tianjin *ST Chinese enterprises (the enterprise) disclosed in November 25th, the company and the Shanghai star (Group) Co. Ltd. will hold the "Tianjin Star City Real Estate Co. 100% stake in the company and Star Group Properties Limited 476 million yuan debt" to Tianjin Xinghua City, through the Shanghai United Assets and equity exchange publicly listed on the transfer, the transferee intention Tianjin City Yuan Ming home limited company, the transfer price of 3 billion 46 million yuan in total. Among them, the Chinese company holds a 30% stake in the transaction price of $771 million. The point of the real estate new media informed, "the Tianjin Star City Investment Company Limited 100% equity and star group of Tianjin Xinghua City Investment Company Limited 476 million yuan debt in November 18th to accept the offer, the price of 1 billion 856 million yuan, the final transaction price of 3 billion 46 million yuan. According to *ST in the September announcement, Tianjin Xinghua City Huaming town Tianjin Dongli District home for the development and construction of 1-3, 1-5, 1-6-1 block, the total planned land area of 543.5 acres, the total construction area of 544 thousand square meters, the nature of residential land. To April 30, 2016 valuation date, Tianjin Xinghua City real estate on the valuation date of the value of all shareholders’ equity to assess the value of 1 billion 361 million yuan, compared with net assets adjusted book value of 1 billion 124 million yuan, to assess the value of 237 million yuan, value-added rate of 21.11%, Tianjin Xinghua City Property Rights Evaluation corresponding to 30% of the equity value of 408 million yuan. As of the valuation date, the unit assessed 1-5 owned land (Jin Li (film) 2010-04 plots) a total construction area of about 280 thousand square meters, of which one or two total construction area of about 130 thousand square meters has been completed and others, three or four total construction area of about 150 thousand square meters is scheduled to launch in October 31st, the three or four phase of the project has not been completed delivery. And on the basis of the assessment date, Tianjin Star City home to obtain long-term loans secured 243 million yuan. Industrial and commercial information, the transferee is the legal representative of Wu Wenyong, the main shareholder is Cosco real estate, Beijing far dry Property Co., ltd.. Among them, the shareholders of Beijing far dry Property Co., Ltd. is also Cosco real estate. The message shows that Wu is the general manager of COSCO Beijing Real Estate Development Co., ltd.. *ST said the transaction prices, improve inventory to speed, speed up the return of funds, enhance the company’s profitability. One of the important steps of stripping Tianjin project is the recent integration of state-owned enterprises *ST. According to the new media to understand the views of the real estate, prior to November 23rd, *ST China announced that the Shanghai real estate group 18 billion 520 million assets into the company, and to the Huarun group, Ping An of fund-raising and other six companies to the private placement way. After the completion of the transaction, Huarun will become the second largest shareholder of the company. (commissioning editor Zhu Jiang and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: