Chengdu, a taxi into the river in the morning after two kilometers of floating driver self-help (Fig tataufo

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A taxi driver in Chengdu morning into the river floating two kilometers after the self-help (Figure) taxi floating in the river in November 26th 7 in the morning, Mr Li received a strange phone number, call the taxi driver who is drowning here, Mr. Lu, Mr. Lu said on the phone, at 5 in the morning, he drove a taxi. Into the river. Originally, Mr. Lee is the owner of this car into a taxi. According to the reporter, the taxi along the river drifting down, has drifted into the cave mouth stopped drift dam is stopped sluice stop after Mr. Lu to self-help escape from the car, first climbed up the middle of the river 2 meters distance from the vehicle about the orientation of floating raft, then down the escalator up to the dam was out of predicament now, in the big hospital treatment. Because Mr. Lu has been unable to use the phone, so a nurse with the owner of the phone made contact with mr.. The taxi was salvaged 1:30 pm reporters rushed to the hospital where Mr. Lu became a large. After asking the medical staff, the reporter found in the hospital emergency treatment of Mr. Lu, but when the reporter is ready to ask Mr. Lu to understand the situation at the time of the incident, Mr. Lu has refused our interview. Subsequently, the reporter learned from the emergency department doctors, car accident led to Lu rib fractures, but there is no danger, Mr. Lu will continue to receive further treatment in the hospital. The reporter also learned that the river is also rented out at 1 o’clock pm, the vehicle was severely damaged in front, the traffic police department is investigating the accident. Chengdu City radio and television reporter Zhang Lin editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, only the extended reading Shaanxi taxi rushed out of control under the river 5 people drowned相关的主题文章: