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Reference-and-Education Exams now have be.e a part of our life, exams provide us a platform to prove our self and achieve whatever goals we have decided in our life. Exams also tells us where we stand in a level of knowledge and how much capable we are in the respective field. In the days of exam results about to be declared the feeling of excitement, tension and a bit of fear brews up in students and this mixture of emotions increases as the result day .es closer and from my own experience this feeling before the declaration of exam results cannot be explained. On the day of result declaration each and every student doesnt want to waste any second to know about their results. But in the previous days the technology was not advanced enough as .pared to the present world. In previous days students have to wait hours even days to see and check their result after declaration because in those days the only means to see the result was newspapers and college notice board and the most worse way to see the result was college notice board because on the day of result declaration the scene in front of notice board seems like a war ground, the notice board of college and universities used to be totally surrounded by lots of students and everyone seems like struggle to see his/ her result, the situation nearly used to be like impossible to see result .sometime even the result paper from the board was torn. Sometimes even condition turns into extreme one and tackled by police and student gets killed though. Someone truly said need is the mother of invention In the present world of rocket science and .puters all of above problems are removed by latest technologies. Now students dont need to wait for hours and days after result declaration now lots of ways are present to check out the result without any waiting and problem. Now students can check their result online on mobile phones and news papers, even televisions are also .ing forward. Students can check their results on inter. just after seconds of results declaration on a particular website Exam Result such as AIEEE Result, IAS Result, UPSC Result, IGNOU Results, etc, no matter they are searching on exam , bank or any other job results inter. have it for them. Another very popular medium I am going to take in consider is mobile phones now in present day everyone has a mobile phone and this technology is already vastly improved and upgraded so one can open any result website on their phone and can receive result. Result can also be received through message from mobile phone, there is a proper syntax need to be followed to see the result through message for example to see the IAS result one must have to type IAS xxxxxx x stands for roll number and send it to 4 digit specified number and then he/she will get a return message with the result. These mediums are now most popular among the youngsters and this is how we can say technology touches every ones life and makes our life easy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: