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SEO Looking for a good SEO .pany to charge you a nice cheap price will definitely not be easy. Search engine optimization (SEO) requires a lot of technical decisions as well as implementation of how your website should look. This means your website will need to be promoted both online and offline. One of the main steps is, you will need a website that is optimized and search friendly for Google. Building a sitemap (xml) as well as an html version is a great asset for Google to recognize your fresh content and any additional pages you may want to add. Cheap SEO services in Canada or anywhere else in the world will not be easy to find since many SEO specialists have gone through trial and error on their website prior to a SEO specialist. Therefore, the pricing will vary on how much work is really needed on your website. How do you differentiate a good SEO .pany or a bad SEO .pany? First criteria to look into would be their website and their reputation on the internet. Find out how well they are ranked on Google for their services and last but not least their prices. If they charge too high, chances are theyre not as experienced as they may seem to be. If they charge too low then again theyre not as experienced as they may seem to be. Therefore, the best price to look for SEO .panies would be the medium price. Furthermore, the majority of SEO .panies seem to charge their clients by keywords to rank them on Google. For example, they may charge 5-10 keywords $899 monthly or 10-15 keywords $1250 monthly. In addition, it can also be a onetime fee of whatever the SEO package is. Through my experience of Search engine optimization, the one website on my list that meets all the criteria is a website called seositeoptimization… Their Cheap SEO Services in Canada .es with all the necessary internet marketing tools your website will need to dominate on the search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN. They are climbing up the charts on the rankings as they are now ranking on most .petitive keywords. One great aspect about this SEO .pany is that they are so confident in their work that theyre willing to do a 1 month SEO services free for your website. After your 1 month SEO trial, you may wish to sign up or cancel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: