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Can make money "Mercury" three generation machine and plant protection Lazi Shandong – Sohu of science and technology in November 5th, and Wuxi Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong branch was established in Dezhou opening ceremony held in Shandong. The establishment of the ceremony, and with the participants discussed the development status and application prospect of plant protection of the UAV, and efforts to promote the new products and the mercury one electric single rotor protection UAV, is committed to building the third generation UAV industry protection new benchmark. "Shandong Jiaotong University doctoral workstation" and "Shandong Jiaotong University Institute of Aeronautics Research Base" award ceremony held at the same time. (ceremony) (ceremony) and also announced the "users worry free" program, and to join the financial platform "agricultural industry stage" and "nongtai finance", and provide exclusive services for users to purchase mortgages. (deputy director of the Dezhou Municipal Economic Development Zone Management Committee Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee Shen Siping speech) after the presentation, small scale operation, it is time to redefine the third generation plant protection drones! As everyone knows, Wuxi and aviation as China plant protection UAV industry pioneer and leader, the first generation of plant protection UAV was born in the laboratory and. But at that time the plant protection UAV is more of a concept machine, to demonstrate the story, also can not adapt to the field of high strength work, can not work, not even help the user to make money. With the development of the industry, more and more hot money capital has spawned hundreds of national plant protection UAV manufacturers, the second generation plant protection UAV in the development process of the wind. However, the load is small, the operation is complex, leading to the two generation of plant protection in small scale UAVs can only work within a small range of high failure rate, far from large scale application level; the period of the two generation machine can work, but has yet to achieve the purpose of making money. The market is an urgent need for a sufficient "work, can make money" of the third generation plant protection uav. The general manager of Wuxi Aviation Technology Co. Ltd. and Sun Xiangdong as the theme of communication through 7 research and development team, 14 months a total of 9000+ flight test vehicles make painstaking efforts, and 6 and third generation after the iteration, the UAV "Mercury, plant protection" stunning appearance. The models of plant protection in accordance with the third generation UAV concept design, with precise operation, characteristics of intelligent, modular, heavy and specialization, the industry is currently the only one "can work, will make the" third generation plant protection uav. "Mercury 1 " performance: according to estimates calculated according to 700 ml per acre spraying agent, a sortie 12 minutes can be sprayed 30 acres, a 4 hour flights can spray 120 acres of land, work 5 hours a day 20 sorties total spraying 600 acres of land, average operation time is 50 working days to charge 10 yuan per mu, the cost of earning power can be mercury one" only a service fee to 300000 yuan; and traditional agricultural practitioners will gain per frame of 30000 acres of pesticide flow entrance. Mercury on the 1st plan to make money users worry free program to solve"相关的主题文章: