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BOC: demand is less than expected PVC callback clients view the latest market investment strategy PVC prices started to rise since mid June has been pulled up. Although the cost of some support in the near future, but with the increase in operating rates, the supply will be increased, and the downstream demand improved less than expected, will be a certain pressure on the market. Recent callback ideas to treat. The PVC1701 contract for a short subject, the opening price of 5600 to 5700, the target price of about 5450, the number of open hand 100 hand, if the trend and is expected to reach the target before the opening 200 hand. A market review 1:PVC market price changes source: Bank of China International Futures by Northwest environmental inspection, more calcium carbide furnace was shut down, resulting in calcium carbide resource supply, TV prices upward, PVC prices pulled homeopathy. Two figure 2: 1 calcium carbide raw materials source: Bank of China International Futures price changes of carbide carbide prices steadily upward, this year triggered main factor prices in the domestic calcium carbide to increase the intensity of environmental monitoring. The main producing areas of calcium carbide enterprises unitoperahon remain stable, stable production, calcium carbide supply performance is still insufficient, the overall enterprise price remains high second, lime raw material supply is still tense, and still rising trend, raw material prices upward, and inadequate supply of calcium carbide market cost of supporting efforts to strengthen. North, central and other regions of the hazardous goods transportation more restrictive, logistics transportation is blocked downstream of calcium carbide, the arrival of untold abundance. Comprehensive analysis, the domestic calcium carbide market prices high, supply remained tight, downstream of the PVC market price stability in a narrow range of fluctuation, purchasing enthusiasm still positive, but the high price for small transactions. Figure 3: 2 coke independent coking plant operating rate source: Bank of China International Futures began from mid to late 4, with rising steel prices, steel profitability continued to improve, the coking plant inventory low and gradually expand the production of steel, coking plant profitability improved significantly. As of this week, Shanxi coking plant ton coke profit 175 yuan, a record high since 2012. At the same time the coking plant operating rate also appeared to rise slowly. By the end of this week, based on the survey data of Mysteel, the capacity is less than 1 million tons of small coking plant operating rate reached 71.3% in March, this data in the vicinity of 68%; capacity between 100-200 million tons of medium-sized coking plant operating rate of 80.9%, in March this figure was 70%; the capacity of more than 2 million tons of large-scale construction coking rate reached 83.4%, in March this figure was 76%. Coke prices began to rise since June, there has been no callback. From the basic point of view in the near future, the rapid growth of coke supply, and demand is expected to decline, the cost of support for the weakening of the weak, the trend of price correction obvious. Figure 4:PVC three supply of corporate profits source: Bank of China International Futures PVC production area has been basically turnaround. A quarter of the country by the.相关的主题文章: