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Home-Improvement If you have trouble sleeping once the sun .es up, so are regularly woken at 5am during the summer, work shifts and need to sleep during the day, or have children who struggle to sleep when the evenings are light, have you considered using blackout shutters? It’s a simple solution to block out as much light as possible, as these cleverly incorporate a blackout option, helping to provide a higher level of darkness than a shutter , curtains or blinds alone. While you will need to either close the bedroom door, or leave it ajar depending on light levels in your hall or other areas, the blackout shutters can significantly help promote sleep by providing a darker environment. This option is particularly helpful if you have young children, as many struggle to sleep once the nights get lighter and may also wake very early particularly if they have a south facing room. This can also help light sleepers, who are easily woken by the early morning sun during spring and summer. When we experience a decent summer of course! I have dealt with a number of customers who have found this option helpful, and my own partner has experienced improved sleeping patterns during the lighter months following installation of these in our own home. It is almost impossible to achieve total blackout, but this does significantly reduce light levels. Alternatively I have also found blackout blinds used inside a guide frame can also be successful, however, these dont provide the looks and style of a window shutter. During the day the blackout option looks the same as any other plantation shutter , it is only at night that the blackout is utilised. From outside the house there would be little difference in appearance between that of a closed shutter once the blackout is in place, and besides the external appearance is of less importance in my view than a good nights sleep. In winter these can also prove useful if you have streetlights that remain on outside your home, or neighbours with security lighting that points towards your windows. The blackout option can also help with insulation due to the additional layer it provides between your window and room, cutting down on drafts and trapping cold air. I can personally re.mend blackout shutters for use during the summer months, while there is a cost implication, it is more than worth it for a decent nights sleep. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: