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Arts-and-Entertainment Birth charts of those born by caesarian section are as accurate as to those delivered normally. However, this is not true all the time due to physiological reasons and in cases of induced delivery. Babies born by caesarian section have birth charts that are as accurate as with those babies that are delivered normally. Since some factors can lead to caesarian delivery, birth charts can be slightly inaccurate depending on the reasons for the Caesarian section. Physiological reasons Babies who have reached full-term are delivered either normally or through caesarian section. Due to some physiological reasons like small pelvic bone (outlet) where the baby’s head approximates the bone during delivery, caesarian section is performed. Another reason for doing CS is inadequacy of relaxin, a hormone that allows the pelvic bone to expand during delivery. Although CS is an artificial method of childbirth delivery, the time and date of birth remains uncontrolled because the baby has reached its full term. Its birth chart is as accurate and reliable as that born normally with the method of delivery as the only difference. Emergency cases Emergency cases such as placenta previa, abruptio placenta, cord coil, preterm and induced delivery are just few of the many cases where caesarian section is indicated. The date and time of birth depends on the decision of the physician and in some cases, on the baby and the mother. Emergency delivery is dictated by the overall status of the baby inside the womb and the birthing mother. Moreover, the presence of underlying maternal medical conditions are considered since these matters so much to their health and safety. The baby .es out and interacts with the outside world at an earlier date than expected. This only shows that the birth time can be influenced by external forces and therefore, will no longer be that dependable and accurate. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: