Banks to reduce the cost of corporate finance space

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The bank to reduce financing costs in the financial space Sina e observation (WeChat public number: sinaeguancha) behind the columnist Li Gengnan implies the bank loans can not be ignored to reduce the cost of corporate financing space. If the bank can effectively weaken the loan maturity mismatch problem, to achieve seamless loan maturity and corporate capital return, it will undoubtedly reduce the enterprise to pay the additional cost of financing lending.   industry slump, how can? This is the most simple way of the world, but also the current development of China’s economic confusion. At present, enterprises are struggling in difficult economic entity type L shadow; help enterprises out of the predicament of development entities naturally become prosperous event. And try to remove the heavy burden of business, business entities allow enterprises to survive, is clearly the most urgent task, but also the most direct and effective way (as for the real economy to "Johnson health" problems in the second). So, it is not difficult to understand why again and again: the State Council stressed the need to focus on reducing the cost of enterprise; it is not difficult to understand, the day before the State Council issued "can reduce the real economic cost of enterprise work program". In the above program, the State Council put forward six goals to reduce the overall cost of the real economy enterprises, which impressively in the financing cost is effectively reduced". This is seriously affected by the spread shrink the suffering of the bank, is not feeling very innocent and helpless? An indisputable fact is that in recent years, bank spreads are narrowing. Since last year, the central bank has lowered the benchmark interest rate 5 times, which led to further convergence of bank spreads. 16 listed banks report shows that in 2012 -2015 years, in addition to individual banks, the overall spread of listed banks showed a downward trend, convergence in less than 2.7%. Among them, workers, farmers, China, construction, the 5 major banks in 2015 spreads fell to 2.47%, respectively, 2.66%, 2.12%, 2.63%, respectively, compared with the year of 2012 decreased by 0.19, 0.15, 0.03, 0.12, 0.37 percentage points. At the same time, the overall level of bank lending rates declined. According to the central bank released the two quarter of 2016, China’s monetary policy implementation report, at the end of, non-financial enterprises and other departments weighted average loan interest rate was 5.26%, down by 0.78 percentage points. Although the cost of bank debt is also declining, but the cost of debt side decline in the rate of return on assets is slower than the rate of decline narrowed spreads significantly. In the city people, we often hear is "bank money lying on days gone for ever" of emotion (which might not mean schadenfreude); on the other hand, on financing, financing your voice but taoshengyijiu. The market seems to be testing the ability of banks to squeeze spreads. So, in the case of narrowing spreads, the bank to reduce the cost of corporate financing there is still much room for the reality of what is the path? Clearly, requiring banks to violate the principles of sustainable business to reduce lending rates, is not what we need to reduce costs. In the long run, it will also lead to credit相关的主题文章: