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Baby "the first feast", how old? – the first celebration of the birth of the mother and child of the Sohu, usually in the "full moon" or "hundred days"". But this traditional custom of our ancestors left behind Oh, still popular today. In order to do not know, but I do not know why it is, eat melon people, today we together with an overview of the origin of this custom and pay attention to. The full moon, one hundred days of Customs origin of Lu Xun "weeds" · argument: "one family house gave birth to a boy, the family was happy. When the moon is full, take it out and show it to your guests – probably a good sign." The full moon, the baby was born a month. The full moon, is celebrating the "family descendants" and "a joy" and "joy term". This custom is popular in the Tang Dynasty, to the Southern Song Dynasty, almost all officials and wealthy families are held "washes" for the baby, host family usually invitations to entertain friends and relatives are invited to take a variety of gifts to express wishes. Song Mengyuan old "Tokyo menghualu", "Wan Ming Shen Bang Department miscellanies" documented: 100 days, also called a hundred years old, newborn baby one hundred days (actually ninety-ninth days) to the longevity of the ceremony. The traditional gift, including taking hundreds of cloth or wool, do take the ear of the pants, namely 100 ear (homonym 100); wrought silver lock, also known as the lock, lock for life, longevity. Why had moon, 100 days medicine developed in ancient times, the royal children can completely avoid death. After a baby is born for a month, even after a difficult time. In order to good news, wish the healthy growth of newborns, usually held full moon worship ceremony, which. Ceremony requires the testimony of friends and family, there will be a full moon wine, said. Baby "the first feast" how the full moon wine first, of course, is the full moon wine. The baby full moon day, grandma will prepare a gift for the baby, including chickens, Steamed Buns, gave some noodles, hat, footwear, commonly known as "the cradle, with the full moon". Because the child full moon day to send, also called "send wish rice". At noon, the host family for banquet, relatives and friends sit together to celebrate the feast is fun. The full moon is also known as the "head shaving folk fall, but not lanugo lanugo" shaved, leaving a generally in the head or forehead, commonly known as peach head, barrel head, meters first store. There are some parts of the customs are held to fall lanugo ceremony on the baby over one hundred days, and the shaving head full moon are similar. Eat red eggs usually, mother holding the child out to accept the congratulations of friends and relatives, neighbors and relatives and friends to give each of the four red eggs, as a partner with the hand. The red eggs in the custom of the full moon, which is different from other banquets, becomes a reflection of authentic Chinese rites. Out of the nest in the folk saying, baby full moon is a ridge, there will be a visit to ghosts. In order to avoid the baby was frightened, grandmother or aunt to the child to his home for a few days. When I go home, will be sent to the grandmother of two eggs thrown away, which means to help her grandmother took the disaster. Big相关的主题文章: