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UnCategorized Feeling overwhelmed by all the things you think about doing or need to get done? You are not alone. A critical tool in keeping your brain, life, and schedule, on track is writing your thoughts down. Your mental "to-do" lists need backup in a written form, and this can often eliminate or control overwhelming feelings. If you see your thoughts and your objectives as they unfold, you will not only have a constant reminder, but you will begin to see a route in your roadmap to success. You can organize your list by due date, priority of importance, or any other way that suits your thought patterns. Perhaps what works for you is a white board with colored markers or just your typical Outlook calendar with notes. Regardless of what tools you choose, just make sure you identify what works for you and stick with it. Making and referring to your "to-do" list will help relieve overwhelming and stressful feelings by helping you get organized in terms of time and energy management – both of which are limited resources. It may help to develop strategies for a particular challenge so you can envision exactly how to overcome obstacles. Be sure to incorporate your goals, both personal and professional, into your "to-do" list so you are moving closer to what it is you actually want to accomplish. As you accomplish each task or objective, reward yourself with a check mark or some visible measure of success. As your task list shrinks, so will your overwhelming and stressful feelings. You will also have clarity as you become more adept at mentally organizing the thoughts that fill your head. For tasks that are particularly overwhelming and burdensome, reward yourself with something special to which you have been looking forward. Try dinner at the new restaurant in your neighborhood, an extra long workout session, or even an hour of personal relaxation time – anything that motivates you to accomplish that difficult task. When you can reduce the stress in your life through healthy habits, you are doing something great for your brain and body. Managing your time and energy promotes a healthy balance of stress-related hormones, such as cortisol, in your body, healthy and beautiful aging, as well as the invaluable mental health of peace of mind. Replace the overwhelming feelings of stress with organization and time management and enjoy the full schedule of your busy life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: