Anti- Counterfeit Solutions A Smarter Way To Maintain Brand

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Business Using modern techniques, a number of duplicate products are being supplied in the market. It is certainly not a domestic scenario; in fact, it is viable all over the globe. Most of the time, brands get disappeared from the market even after a great launch and a long presence. There was washing powder on the Indian market, which was quite popular as well, and their owners too were making bagsful of profits from it. About a decade after, another low quality brand stepped into the .petition, which had a same logo, but with a difference, it had a spelling mistake, and this low quality brand, affected the original brands reputation. As a result, the former went disappeared from the market, and other big .petitors (foreign players) took over the reign and created their monopoly. Well, it is a story, which took place about twenty years back. If it would have happened in todays high-tech generation, some anti- counterfeit solutions would surely have helped that brand in maintaining its name and reliability. Anti counterfeit solutions are new age tricks and way-outs to tackle all the illegal cases of fake product manufacturing, product counterfeiting or brand imitation. There are numerous band-aids available in the market that let you fix the problem occurred by illegal manufactures. Let us have a look at a few available anti counterfeit solutions in following steps- Holograms- These are the most .mon techniques used worldwide to control counterfeiting activities, being done against your product or brand. These high security holograms are made using unique .puter generated codes that make them quite safe to use. There are two kinds of holograms- 2D Holograms and 3D Holograms- both are either pasted or printed on the package or the product package. The thing which makes it unique is the way it is prepared. These security holograms are made under highly secured and private environment, using different images and messages; copying the product or the package is easy, but imitating the style of holographic stickers is almost impossible for counterfeits. Laser Stickers- These are one of the most secure anti-duplicacy solutions available for pharmaceutical products. Made using advanced laser printing technology, it creates a permanent print on the product package, and resembles the originality of the brand. There are also 2 kinds- 2D Laser Stickers and 3D Laser Stickers. Hot Stamping Foils- These are normal foils that reflect two or three-dimensional images from it. It is one of the most affordable yet effective ways to maintain the brand identity. Tamper Proof Holograms- It is one of the safest holograms, which are made using advanced laser printing technology that makes it impossible for counterfeits to temper the sticker. By using above said and other smart anti-counterfeiting solutions, one can maintain the identity of ones brand. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: