Another Dreamy Day In Paradise-karon

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Travel-and-Leisure So where did it all start? As I write this Im sitting on Karon Beach in Phuket Thailand, the pearl of the Andaman. I asked for paradise and I got it. The sun swept beaches on palm fringed paradise overlooking a crisp azure of blue sea. Im now taking in the sights of gorgeous eye candy and looking forward to a heavenly sunset followed by an exciting nightlife on the town. Everything we desired and everything promised by the travel agents back home in Tottenham Court Road in London. Topdex travel sat us down in their cosy .fortable offices in the Tottenham Court Road in the heart of London. As we waited for our turn we gazed out onto the streets of London as the rain drizzled down outside and the grimacing faces of the passersby looked on in infinite misery. We, on the other hand were about to look at pics of resorts, hotels and beaches and more hotels. Wed had Bali in mind at first, but after hearing about terrorism and the hotel Bali-bombers we changed our minds quite rapidly-news was, theyd just been executed. Well thats another story. As I glanced around the office my eye caught one of the hotel and holiday brochures. Sprawled across this brochure in brilliant purple was the slogan Phuket, Pearl of the Andaman It was like wed been in these offices before and seen this brochure-a dj vu if you like of something happened that is about to happen. Karon beach, its squeaky white crisp sand of beach which stretches for six kilometres. Whether you crave night life, beach life, dining or just relaxing in resort hotels, Karon has them all explains the strawberry blond Kylie behind the counter with a voice so familiar it was like I was in a dream. One reason why Karon is so popular is Stop!, I suddenly shout. Have we been here before? I ask. Kylie ignores me It never feels crowded like other resorts she continues. Karon beach itself is renowned for its crisp white sands that squeak as you walk. Now this is dejavu, maybe its because she has learned this from a script. Maybe it had been used in other travel agents or I had read it somewhere before. Kylie opens the brochure out for us and the centre page spread is a grand picture of an amazing palace like hotel called the Horizon Karon beach resort and spa, here is your ac.modation, the Horizon Karon Beach Resort and Spa, a resort set on 16000 sqm of land and surrounded by rain forests of lush vegetation. She puckers her lips and continues Its slightly raised position offers wonderful views and also allows for guaranteed peace and tranquillity. Easy access to the area from Phuket town and the more vivacious Patong beach offers its visitors the chance to not only relax and enjoy Karons lush tranquil surroundings but also to join in with the more lively activities such as marine sports, exciting nightlife and shopping. Kylie breathes in deeply as she finishes the rest of her sales pitch, her sweet smelling perfume wafts across towards me as she sends me a silent eye signal of something I hadnt felt in long time. Youve sold us, Kylie I exclaim. The resort in Karon here we go!. As the sun sets against the back drop of pinked tinged sky and the waxen crescent moon starts to show, I find myself humming the same tune Just another dreamy day pass me by, the sun sets to the evening sky. Thanks Kylie, I whisper. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: