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Vacation-Rentals Atlantic City Vacations for the Loving Atlantic City Vacations can be romantic even if the city is most known for its casinos and amusement centers; Atlantic City still has some places couples can head to for some private time. Lighthouses have always graced postcards that depict a lovely sunset or sunrise which for many is very romantic and the Absecon Lighthouse, the third biggest in the United States, is no exception. Atlantic City is famous for its skyline and what better way to see it than from an Atlantic City Cruise that can take you around the island plus on a good day, you can get the chance to watch dolphins play; snuggling up to next to a loved one makes it more special. Nothing shows big love and romance better than getting a big suite in a large hotel thats also big on ambience and luxury like the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa where you and your partner can enjoy great food and entertainment. Atlantic City may be modern but its up to you to rediscover its old charms. Atlantic City Vacations, Backpacker Style (1 Star) There are a lot of other places to visit in Atlantic City aside from casinos if youre planning to go on Atlantic City Vacations. Atlantic City away from the glitz and glamour of casinos can be seen in the streets when you walk around and meet the people who call this place home; the Surfside Resort Hotel Located at 18 S Mt. Vernon Avenue is along the beach area where you can hire a bike which will make your trip faster. Rodeway Inn at 3601 Pacific Avenue is an inexpensive dwelling close to the Quarter at Tropicana Hotel and Casino and the Bernie Ribbons Stadium which means youll also be near the Boardwalk. The Flamingo Motel at 3101 Pacific Avenue is near Boardwalk Hall and its a perfect place to stay so you can catch a glimpse of the casino strip where fine hotels, world class restaurants and casinos merge together. There is more to Atlantic City than gleaming casino lights. Atlantic City Vacations after your Wedding Atlantic City Vacations are not only centered on the casino filled city but also includes some romantic getaways in other parts of New Jersey. Clinton is a charming part of New Jersey where you and your better half can get the chance to experience riding in a hot air balloon; it will surely be bliss when you see stars while having dinner and to cap it off you will be lodged at Chestnut Hill Bed and Breakfast for an overnight stay. Harrahs Hotel and Casinos rooftop pool is uniquely designed with a glass dome and the pool area set up as tropical paradise; its ideal for honeymooning couples who like to spend more time indoors while enjoying the beach like atmosphere. Cape May New Jersey is the oldest seashore resort in the whole country and for couples who like the ocean its the perfect honeymoon getaway; marvel at the same seascape that locals have been seeing for hundreds of years, walk around and gawk at Victorian architecture, and taste the best catch of the day. Atlantic City is the gateway for unique travel adventures. Chow Time Galore during Atlantic City Vacations Its quite impossible not to mention food when you talk about travel and on Atlantic City Vacations you will discover culinary delights that will make you .e back for more. Carmines Italian Restaurant first made its name in New York and because of their outstanding reputation for making great Italian food word spread out and soon they had to open branches in other places like Atlantic City where its the most favored dining place for pasta and Italian dishes. Upon entering Buddakan, the first thing youll notice is the garden setting and the giant Buddha statue looming over the dining area of this famous Asian restaurant where they treat eating as feast to the senses. Established in 1897, Docks Oyster House still continues the tradition of serving excellent seafood dishes in Atlantic City where its a favorite among residents and visitors alike; they wouldnt last this long if they havent master their craft. Atlantic City is truly a delight to the taste buds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: