All the way have you — — 2016 Beijing Longhu second dragon people’s day start registrati minmi

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Have you all the way to 2016 in Beijing at the second Longhu Festival Dragon people start registration Longhu real estate (Longhu times street Longhu · · Hong Dynamisante stream bank) Beijing 10 years, with a road, one of the most weight for Beijing Longhu, is the trust and praise from the majority of the owners of Longhu. From the 2007 sale of Yan Lan Mountain field opening, to the West in October 2016 Chen original Xianfang delivery, from hundreds of owners to now 13 thousand owners, ten years in Beijing of Longhu from the bottom of my heart to cherish every owner, wholeheartedly for every owner of sincere service. In order to thank these to "dragon people" claiming the owners always accompany and support, Beijing Longhu carefully prepared "the way you" big dragon people thank activities. In November 19, 2016 · in Longhu; Daxing Street shopping center, November 20th · in Longhu; long Ying Street (real estate information owners forum) Beijing Longhu shopping center, the owners can take the family to participate in this exclusive dragon people Carnival festival. Dragon people’s day · registration channel of the activities of the dragon and the people of the United States through the registration of the Millennium system, please pay attention to the property of the Dragon tips and dynamic, as soon as possible to apply for registration, and advance arrangements for the weekend trip! The Dragon Festival · the two day of November 19th in Longhu Daxing Street shopping center, November 20th in Longhu long Ying Street (real estate information owners forum) shopping center, two street, two theme! All kinds of traditional art or continental style interpretation, one main line, two kinds of style! Life style, artistic style, national style, fashion style, the whole family is mobilized, the weekend music! Dragon Festival · exclusive concessions during the Dragon Festival, nearly 300 shops will provide you with exclusive offers! The tide card discount again and again…… The movie private use, free train ride, skating nearly half…… Food and beverage discounts, part of the restaurant half price or buy a gift…… Dragon people, eat and eat together! The Dragon Festival · private movie dragon people large free look, Longhu to pay for you! 19-20, private use to watch movies, movies don’t stop! Best director Oscar Ang Lee’s "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war", shake your soul; Marvel produced Sherlock starring "Doctor Strange", so cool your eyes; cheap adorable boy "crayon", crit you bursting point; straw hat "One Piece", as well as burning your passion! Is not every one do not want to miss? Ha ha, there is only one shortcut, quickly sign up! Dragon people’s day · carnival game fun big draw, fun carnival, live doll machine…… Nearly 20 specialty games waiting for your participation, Wuzhou theme, around the world, all of the traditional fashion popular game experience! All the Games in the distribution of the indoor shopping center and Daxing Street long Ying Street Shopping Center site, in addition to the dragon people with long people can also participate in sweepstakes passport joy, lucky non-stop, continuous joy! Dragon people’s day · long min passport all the people of the Dragon exclusive activities, must rely on Dragon passport for exclusive authentication. Confirm that you sign up for!相关的主题文章: