Afraid of being laughed at six boys do not go to kindergarten 9c8836

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If students were not to laugh six boys Beijing kindergarten – Guangzhou daily news (reporter Wang Wanli) yesterday, reporters from the Dongguan city children’s hospital was informed that the day before, the hospital has a complex polydactyly in children, the pediatric department of orthopedics doctor MicroHand skillfully. Finally, children with polydactyly has been successfully repaired, finally bursting out of a smile. The little dragon is 3 years old, and he was born with two thumbs. In an instant, the little dragon to the kindergarten age, but refused to go to the kindergarten, said the other children laugh he has six fingers, and he didn’t play. The parents realized that finger malformations have been caused to the child psychological trauma, so the doctor around. After a friend introduced, small parents with children came to Dongguan children’s hospital. After the pediatric department of orthopedics doctors, found that this is a rare example of the anterior axis of the multi finger deformity (repeated thumb), a good activity but the shape of the deformity, and the other refers to the appearance of normal but not active. The conventional surgery difficult which one thumb, after repeated serious discussion, and ultimately determine the angioplasty for dragons — implementation of classic operation scheme on top of the so-called "swap" operation. The "first" operation specifically through the proximal removal shape normal thumb metacarpal and proximal phalanx of the half, to keep the blood supply and nerve innervation, the distal phalanx and nearly half of distal segment transplanted to the good function of the thumb, and reconstruction activities. In short, the appearance is normal "head", installed in the limbs, "body", "the first" operation, get a good appearance of normal function of the thumb. Dongguan city children’s Hospital Pediatric Department of orthopedics presided over by the Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau key project "China population congenital refers to molecular genetics research" has accumulated dozens of cases of deformity, refers to the experience of surgical treatment of deformity, to lay a solid foundation for the processing of this case hit. For dragons, surgery is not just a thumb reconstruction, but a chance to have a happy childhood again. A few days ago, the doctor succeeded in performing surgery for the dragon, is currently recovering well.相关的主题文章: