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Business Introduction Often we have a pool in our homes or would like to construct one. The safety of children and the elderly are also important as they should not accidentally walk into the pool. In addition, one would like to have a clear view to and from the pool. An ideal way is to install glass pool fencing. The glass used in such fencing is clean, clear and toughened. Another advantage of glass is that gives an open-look feeling. Both frameless and semi-frameless glass fencings can be used to cover around the pool. Fencing features Typical glass fencing features are that they should be easily able to clean and maintain, should have flat edges, should be tough and durable, should create a modern look and meet all safety standards. To meet installation requirements, glass fencing .es in different sizes. In frameless pool fencing, typically 12mm thick glass is used and this supported by stainless steel spigots. The spigots are made from high strength stainless steel. Tiles are drilled for installing the spigots in it. On the top surface, a round stainless steel cover is placed to give these spigots a proper finish. Glass panels are then placed on the spigots. Different glass panels are then connected using hinges and latches. As a result, no gate posts are required in frameless glass pool fencing. In semi-frameless glass pool fencing, additional support of glass frames is provided with aluminum posts which are typically in round and square shape. The aluminum posts are often glazed to make it more attractive. Generally, 8 mm or 10 mm thick glass is used. Typical cost of glass pool fencing is $300 per linear meter. The glass meets the safety standards set by the Australian government. Glass Quality In order to have high and consistent glass quality, the glass is procured from the same supplier. Automatic cutting tables are used to maintain precision and quality. The edges of the glass panels are then rounded and polished to give it a neat finish. The glass is manufactured using an annealing process which requires heating and cooling of the glass. The quality team then checks for uniformity of properties across the glass panel. Another important aspect is that glass panels should not get damaged during transportation. To achieve this, glass panels are separated with pads made from cork. The corners are protected with hard plastic sheets. Conclusions As per Australian safety standards, it is .pulsory to fence the pool, either at home or in a hotel. Glass fencing is re.mended for pools so that a clear view of the pool is always available. Both frameless and semi-frameless pool fencings are .mon. In the frameless fence, the glass panels placed on the spigots and connect those using hinges and latches. The quality of glass used in these fences decides the strength and elegance of the fence. The glass fencing .pany in Brisbane, both in city and beach area, also provides servicing of these fences. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: