A suite actually leased to the two batch of tenants inventory of the top 6 rental trap plustek

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A suite was actually rented to the two batch of tenants inventory of the event of a large rental trap a suite of two owners of their own rental cited disputes recently, Pioneer Road, a district of Mr. Wu came home from work, but the key can not open the door. When he was wondering, a pair of young men claiming to be tenants with a key to open the door of his house. The two sides dispute, neighbors alarm. Vanguard Road police station arrived, the two sides have come up with their own rental agreement, the room is a suite, the homeowner is two people. Mr. Wu just rent soon, a few days ago did not go out at home, did not expect to go home when the house changed the owner. Small couple told the police, the owner told them that this room is always rented, the key is lost, so that they find their own people to change a lock on the line, the house things to deal with. The couple took out the owner to provide a copy of the housing and rental agreement. Because the landlord formalities complete, the couple will find a small change in the lock, I did not expect to encounter a tenant. Police immediately contacted the two rental agreement on the homeowner". After investigation, Mr. Wu’s landlord, Mr. Zhao and the landlord of the couple has a small debt relationship. Mr. Li do owe Mr. Zhao business failed to return money, according to two people before the contract, the property under the name of Mr. Li Zhao all of mr.. Because two people have contradictions, has not been handled for transfer procedures. Two people have rented here to different tenants. Mediation by the police, the couple decided to move away, and claims to mr.. Two homeowners dispute will be resolved through litigation. This is a typical rental into the two landlord scam. Most of the time, the tenant rented house leased to other people, their own "become a middleman landlord", after receiving the rental majority has disappeared. Inventory of those who rent the pit you know? A trap: the landlord rent lease up not breach of contract in 2013 achievement Zang lady after graduation to work in Zhucheng, a district in the city rented a house of more than and 80 square meters of residential, and the landlord and signed a rental contract for 2 years. The landlord also began politely, slowly, from time to time to find the landlord Zang lady complained, said now what are prices, rent also rose this point. Finally, the landlord is always to call Ms. Zang, a tough attitude, saying do not increase the rent, the house back to her rental. In the period of the lease, the landlord will be rising prices on the grounds, asked if not rent, rent rose is threatening to withdraw housing. If the rental contract, the landlord will not be able to increase the rent lease, breach of contract legal protection; if not to sign the contract, the tenant can only eat yabakui. Trap two: by deducting the deposit the landlord rented to tenants to rent the damaged goods, sometimes in order to protect the house appliances or grounds, deliberately charge a deposit, until the tenant check, often to the house or appliances were damaged as an excuse to deduct the deposit or return only a small part of. There are some cases, the tenant rented the house, the housing renovation of the house, the landlord was allowed to get before the decoration, but when the house, the landlord that the house has damaged traces, requiring a deposit. Trap three: and others flat-share risk occur at any time in order to save rent, reduce expenses, many people choose flat-share and others, but flat-share risk really exist. Single women,.相关的主题文章: