A number of new cars in the post crisis era Volkswagen models (video) x3210

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The number of new post crisis era Volkswagen models planned by the Volkswagen Group "exhaust door" crisis let the enterprises suffered heavy losses, but the crisis is also has its good side: after the group’s leadership change, have more new ideas is gradually released — for example, will be made at higher level models SUV, and the electric field of a series of new action. Volkswagen has been able to allow competitors to resist the success of the model is high quality with affordable price, good practicality and not particularly prominent personality design. However, this era has become the past, and now other manufacturers can do these. Peter, a former director of Volkswagen’s design, ·, or Korea Companies, or a group of competitors from Spain and Czech, did the same. The popular BUDD-e concept car uses electric four-wheel drive system, it is necessary to come up with new ideas, from vindeln (click to view the latest figures start outgoing messages) need to do a lot of work. When the exhaust gas scandal and full of the papers, the Volkswagen brand chairman (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Herbert · (Herbert, Diess); Edith research director Frank ·’s (Frank Welsch); Shi, director of design Claus & middot; Bischoff (Klaus Bischoff) and marketing director Jurgen · stackman (Jü rgen Stackmann) in the successful mode of new weaving, a core issue is the new advanced car strategy. Volkswagen will rely on advanced new product series to represent identity, reduce packing of technology, and more according to customer needs, rather than making a Phaeton (ginseng, pictures, like luxury car inquiry). The family by the next generation Touareg (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), with a new name of the Passat coupe CC successor, after comprehensive improvement (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and car only in the China provide name Hui ang. These four models are provided with many senior car positioning options, and with a richer sense of power of the grille. In Chinese, Volkswagen will launch a SUV, and this appearance in the United States will be the new Jetta (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) in Germany, the Jetta will disappear from the market in 2017. "Our cars will cater to the tastes of customers and the unique needs of each market in the future. So we will put some models only in specific markets, brand director dees explained. The advanced vehicle offensive will begin in the summer of 2017 by CC’s successor. By the third generation coupe, Volkswagen Passat finally showed his detachment from simple image of upright courage. About 4.90 meters long, four door coupe must pass its attractive shape ratio in the Mercedes Benz CLS and other models before stand tall. In addition to the United States of the new 5 meter long SUV to.相关的主题文章: