A number of airlines no fly Note7 special tips on the machine before invictus gaming

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The airlines "fly" Note7 before special tips may not use can not be placed in the baggage does not allow for transport of goods for the Samsung Note7 mobile phone battery defects on the plane, many countries will be included in the no fly list, and the song also told the Beijing Morning Post yesterday reflected, he at the Capital Airport T2 terminal baggage when found the counter on the notice to prohibit shipment of Note7, on the plane, flight attendants also remind passengers in flight not to charge Note7, which makes use of Note7 he scratched his head. Reporters on the official website of the civil aviation authority to see the relevant tips to remind passengers not to use Samsung Note7 on the plane or charge, do not put the Samsung Note7 checked baggage checked. Mr. Note7 told the Beijing morning news reporter before the plane that he was in the capital airport T2 terminal flew to Chengdu. In the checked baggage, the capital of the airline staff to remind, do not place the checked baggage Note7 phone. "At the check-in counter, there is also a notice prohibiting the consignment of Note7. Unexpectedly, on the plane, flight attendants also remind you, Note7 do not start, do not give full Note7 charging." Mr. Song said that these Provisions make him laugh and cry, "I feel not to bring their own mobile phone, but a bomb could explode at any time". Reporters from the Civil Aviation Authority official website to see, in September 14th, the Civil Aviation Bureau issued a safety warning, remind the passengers are not allowed to use Samsung Note7 or charge them on the plane, Samsung Note7 will not add checked baggage, do not allow the Samsung Note7 as the transport of goods. See the airlines "fly" Note7 reporter released in the civil aviation bureau warned, the CAA requires all airlines should as soon as possible through the official website and other channels, to remind passengers to carry the Samsung Note 7 flight risk and safety warning. The airline company can according to the actual situation of the development of more stringent measures and inform the passenger transport, the Airport Inc to cooperate with airlines to make the terminal propaganda work to inform. The Civil Aviation Administration of clear requirements, according to the request of "ban on lithium battery defects in the safety of transportation by the manufacturer identified the civil air transport of dangerous goods regulations" and the International Civil Aviation Organization "air transport of dangerous goods safety technical regulations", the airline may transport Samsung Corp recall of Note7 Mobile phone or the use of lithium battery. As for the non Note7 mobile phone as a cargo transport and the use of lithium batteries, airlines should assess the risk of its air transport, and take practical measures to ensure the safety of air transport. At present, Hainan Airlines, flight and other airlines also has explicitly prohibited to carry passengers to Samsung Note7. Beijing Morning News Hotline reporter Zhang Jingya clues: Ma相关的主题文章: