The Law Of Thinking One Of The 11 F.otten Laws Of Attraction-音羽かなで

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UnCategorized Whatever you hold in your in mind, in a habitual way, your reality in time. This is the Law of Thinking, one of the 11 Forgotten Laws and part of the total and .plete Law of Attraction, as taught by Bob Proctor. Proctor was one of the success gurus who starred in The Secret, but he also knew that the cosmic Law of Attraction that that movie taught was in.plete–in fact, in a literal sense it’s just one of the 11 Laws. The singular Law of Attraction just won’t work for you unless you are also following the other 10 laws, including the Law of Thinking. "As a man thinketh, so is he," is an old proverb that was partially used for the title of a pre-Secret self-help-and-success book written in the 19th century. Now, what does this mean for you? Many people don’t fully .prehend this cosmic law–either they are unaware of it, or they make it out to mean something that it doesn’t. You have your conscious thoughts, and then you have, running underneath them like an artesian river, your stream-of-consciousness thoughts, which are part of the subconscious. Your conscious thinking can be used–and, in fact, it is used even if you don’t know about it–to program that stream of consciousness over time. And it’s that stream that determines, along with the other 10 Laws, how your life shapes up, literally. So, the Law of Thinking doesn’t mean that you deny reality. The Law of Thinking is not about lying to you or to others, and it’s certainly not about "belief". Laws of nature don’t require belief–they work everywhere, all the time. This Law is working for you right now, regardless of whether or not you have ever believed in it–but, the question is, are you aware of it and able to use it to bring about the life that you desire? The Law of Thinking also does not mean that you have to be afraid to ever have a so-called negative thought. There are many negative things in life: ignorant, malicious people; sickness; tragedy; loss of loved ones; natural disasters; and more. If you’re broke, you don’t say to yourself "I’m rich", because now all you are is a broke liar! If you’re sick and don’t seem to be getting any better, you don’t say "I’m perfectly healthy", acting like one of those Christian Scientists who don’t believe in doctors or medicines. But, the Law of Thinking does tell you that by changing your thought patterns, that stream of subconscious thinking and your attitude, you can change your reality in any way you want or need. If you are sick and you apply this Law, you will be inspired to find the solution that really will make you healthy again. You will seek it and you will find it. If you say to yourself, "I choose to make myself healthy", your health will be restored, and you can be cured of things that you never thought you would be able to rid yourself of. You will also discover that you be.e much better at not getting sick in the first place. The same kind of thing holds true for money matters. If you’re broke but begin thinking, "I am now choosing put another $10,000 into my bank account," your subconscious will reach out into the Universe and find the ways and materials for you to achieve this financial goal. You will be able to achieve greater and greater financial goals as you practice with the Law. Notice that you didn’t deny being sick or broke. But you decided, also, not to allow that state to be.e your permanent state. You decided to change it through new thoughts. We can control our thoughts. We don’t have to accept thought-patterns of misery and defeat and lack. If we are holding these kinds of thought patterns, we can, and we must, change them. That’s the Law of Thinking. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: