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Internet-and-Business-Online SME businesses can now out muscle their larger .petitors with cloud telephony call management services. The tough get going when the going gets tough! Necessity is the mother of invention! Thinking out of the box! The old sayings are the best because they remain fundamentally true. In challenging times these are the kinds of behaviour which separate those who succeed and those that dont. Technology has, and continues to play its part in helping smaller businesses .pete with their local and national rivals. The latest tool at the disposal of the SME is a makeover of the oldest technology of them all, the telephone network. Network telephony provides businesses the ability to operate with multiple telephone numbers, and forward them to as many different locations as they wish, or to a single telephone line if the business is a start up. Start up business can now have multiple geographic numbers , 0207, 0121, 0131 etc, as well as non geographic numbers such 0800 and 0333 numbers; all of which can be delivered and forwarded to a single line or number anywhere in the UK. In this case, from a single line operated from anywhere the new business looks like it has local sales presence in London (0207), Birmingham (0121) and Edinburgh (0131), as well as a national freephone (0800) and a national support number (0333) all for a few pounds a week rental. This is powerful network telephony in action. Even the most basic regional number capability was previously limited to actual number rental and call forwarding from virtual office businesses at many times the price of the network telephony services. None had (or have) owners web control panel for real time call routing changes which cloud telephony services offer. Advance network call management systems also have IVR, call statistics and call recording capability for additional monthly charges providing all the functionality of advanced IP PBX systems for a fraction of the price. Because Inbound call management systems are network based they never be.e out of date, they grow and move with the business. In the case of the aforementioned start up, once it is big enough to merit dedicated sales capability in London, via the web control panel, calls from the London area can automatically be routed to the new business manager in London, with each call logged, and recorded if necessary for quality control purposes. There is no limit to the number of call management and routing options in these scenarios putting real marketing and call control in the hands of the entrepreneur and small business owner. New applications for use of Inbound network routing and call management services are being found all the time. Examples at very different ends of the spectrum are: 1)Large financial institution who used the service for disaster recovery call routing, where half the team where to be relocated to another premise and the other half sent to work from home on laptops. Inbound call management allowed preconfigured call plans to be activated within moments of them being required 2) A charity for abused women needing confidential call forwarding with notification to the called volunteer (that it was a charity call) before the caller was actually connected. Prior to the Inbound call routing service, no such capability was available with so much flexibility. From start up to large financial institution there are a great many opportunities for the SME business owner to use Inbound call routing and management network services to give themselves an edge over their rivals. Copyright (c) 2010 Ian Roberts About the Author: By: damdamalakegurgaon.. – So how would we find nofollow interfaces at any rate? 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