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Copywriting is the life blood of any business. Suppose Marilyn Monroe or Julia Robert were small town girls watched over by jealous fathers. Would you even know about them? Advertisement does to your products what movies did for these film stars when you fall in love with Pretty Woman, you don’t even notice the great script, deft touches by director, and those clever camera angles. Your product is your Julia Roberts, you are the director, you are the cameraman, and you are the script writer. Fate of your product rests in your hands what power, what responsibility! Without a copywriter, the swan will remain an ugly duckling. Joe Crossman, tells us that for six months he had been trying to sell things through mail order. He had not made any money and he was on the verge of quitting. Then someone offered him earrings with bells. It was a failed mail-order product. He turned it into a historic success by simply renaming it mother-in-law’s earrings in his advertisements. He found his most eager customers among the newly-weds and the rest, as they say is history. This is the magic of copywriting. The next few decades saw the marketing and buying of over 20 products and his dexterity lay in selling about a million units of each product. It did not take long to establish him as a noted marketing guru of the century. This is one example of his copywriting acumen: Attention all home based business opportunity seekers! Create wealth like these various offline gurus. Programcritique highly re.mends the following home based business opportunity. This is an online automated system that will make you $1,000.00, $3,200.00, or $9,700.00 per sale paid to you daily and you speak to no one. Click on the following link now so you can get started in the next 17 minutes! Click here now to learn how to set up your own online automated system! Gary Halbert was one of the greatest copywriters that walked the earth. He loved to teach the art of copywriting. In one of his great letters he wrote: I want you to imagine what the best thing in the world would be, that could happen to you from a sales point-of-view. How about this? What if some hotshot reporter who works for the L.A. Times, the New York Times, or some other big circulation magazine, happens to purchase one or more of your products and/or services… and…He Falls In Love With What You Are Selling! Whooee! He loves your goods so much he races back to his typewriter and he writes a full-page "rave review" about whatever it is you are selling. Let’s say it’s a book about how to make money in real estate, OK? What would our reporter do as he starts to write his rave review? Well, maybe he’d start with a headline like this: New Book By San Diego Man Reveals An Almost Magical Way To Make Money In Today’s Real Estate Market! Hmn? How’d ya like it so far? OK, what would our rave review writer write next? Maybe something like… DATELINE SAN DIEGO. And, after that, maybe his first sentence will be something like… "If you are interested in making money in real estate, there is a new book you must read." And what would our rave reviewer say next? Maybe something like… "Here’s why." And what would he tell them next? He’d tell them… why. He’d tell how the book clearly and succinctly explains a new but proven technique that lets you buy in.e-producing real estate with no money down even if your credit is lousy… how this book reveals how you can always be the very first vulture at the widow’s doorstep… how this book reveals an almost .pletely unknown and unique financing method that lets you get 110% financing on the equity of the property… how a new "radar technique" lets you identify properties in distress in advance of when they go into foreclosure… how this reporter himself tested out the technique on page 93 and made $17,531.19 just last Tuesday… how… Hey, you’ve got the idea, don’t you? And what would our rave review writer after all this? Simply this: What he would do as a public service is, he would tell you where and how to order this wonderful book. There’s just one problem. You see… All This Is Very Unlikely To Happen! Sadly, there probably isn’t a reporter who is going to crawl out of the woodwork and write a "rave review" of your product or service. So what should you do? Simply this: You be that reporter; you write that rave review. You publish (buy) that full-page in the L.A. Times or whatever. And you make damn sure your "rave review" looks like just that and not an ad. You use relevant photos just like in a hot news story. And you use an editorial type format… Just Like The Rest Of The News Stories In That Publication! Take a bow Gary, we know heavens also needed a great copywriter! 相关的主题文章: