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E.merce The weight of an object is often an important piece of information. Within an industrial environment, this data is generally determined by an industrial scale. Scales .e in a variety of different formats, including bench scales, floor scales, platform scales, drum scales, parts counting scales and laboratory scales. There are a number of characteristics that all of these electronic scales have in .mon. They all include a platform of some type. The platform of the bench scales and parts counting scales are often fairly small, because the total capacity of the scale is also fairly low. Larger capacities are available with platform scales and drum scales, so they are offered with larger platform sizes. Floor scales accept even heavier loads, ranging from 2500 lb up to 30,000 lb and greater. As would be expected, floor scales are manufactured with larger platform sizes, typically between 3′ x 3′ all the way to 8′ x 12′. Digital scales provide some type of weight display. Most often, this will consist of a numeric digital display using and LCD screen to show the weight on the scale platform. Other information, such as the units of measure, tare indication, stability detection, and other indicators can also be shown on the LCD screen. The size of the digits is usually determined by the nature of the use of the industrial scale. The digits will be smaller if the operator is located directly at the scale. In those cases where the user of the scale may not be directly at the scale platform, the indicator digits will be larger to allow them to be more easily read. There are a significant number of .panies who manufacture industrial scales. These firms are located throughout the world. Some of them specialize in certain types of scales, such as platform scales or floor scales. Others produce a wider range of products. As long as the weighing requirements are standard, there is usually a digital scale available that can meet the task. There are always some requirements, though, which are not standard. Different manufacturing processes may call for some sort of special weighing technique. Packaging issues are often unique to a specific packaging line. The blending of food ingredients can call for custom handling. Chemical manufacturing may require monitoring a weight in a number of different situations. Mixing of plastics or other materials may need special processing and control. Some industrial scale manufacturers have chosen to specialize in custom scale applications. Arlyn Scales in East Rockaway, New York is one .pany that provides a wide range of specialty weighing equipment and engineering and design services. Some of the wide range of unique weighing projects that has been custom designed includes specialty plastic blending equipment. These devices dispense a number of different ingredients that must be mixed together to be fed into injection molding machines. The ingredients must be carefully .bined in the proper ratios in order to result in a consistent final product. The scale control device must also record and store material usage data. Another customized scale application provided by Arlyn Scales is an inventory monitoring system. Parts distributors may have hundreds of different .ponents that they provide to their clients. In order to determine when each of these parts must be re-stocked, each parts bin is placed on a scale, which calculates the number of parts remaining in the bin. This data is forwarded over the Internet to the distributor who can monitor the rate of usage of each part, and note when any individual part must be re-supplied. A third specialty weighing solution designed by Arlyn Scales is a scale that calculates the rate of flow of chemicals that are used in various dispensing applications. Flow rate is calculated by noting the change in weight on a scale platform during a specified period of time. Custom software in the digital scale can then calculate the flow rate in the required units, including gallons per minute, or grams per hour, or any other desired format. Because the usage may sometimes be fairly low, the sensitivity of the scale used must be quite high to produce an accurate result in a reasonably short time period. Different scale technologies, including Ultra Precision Surface Acoustic Wave scales may be needed to acquire the required accuracy. ArlyScales..’ goal is to provide clients with superiority in equipment and service unrivaled in the scale industry. For almost 30 years Arlyn has manufactured top of the line industrial weighing equipment with an accent on quality, accuracy, advanced technology and durability. From Ultra Precision Scales to Industrial scales and everything in between. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: