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Business Yet another distinctive feature in the fastest growing business directory in Canada is that you can make your searches very broad by using the feature search by category . This feature allows you to search on very broad terms as for instance you are new in surrey (city in Canada) and you wish to search all the hotels or restaurants in surrey. By selecting search by category, you can select the main category like Food, drinks and dinning. This further contains various options listed in it. You can either choose any of them or can further click on the title which will direct you to a page where you can select the sub-category. Then if you are sure about the thing you are looking for, you can choose that in the option listed in front of you or you can again select the sub-sub category based on your chosen title. A list will be displayed in front of you that will contain the list of nearly all the options you can think of in case you are looking for restaurants. After you click on the sub-sub category say you clicked on restaurants, you will see a complete list of names of restaurants in the particular location and you click on the location Arrowwood in Alberta, the list of all the restaurants present in the specific location will be displayed in from of you. The list will contain the names of the restaurants, their address and their phone number. You can select the restaurant based on the location that you wish to choose and also you can use the option of drive direction in case you want to have an idea of the exact location you are looking for. You can also write reviews for the place that you like and can also share your favorite place with your friends. Also, you can save the name of any location and send that to your friends as email. I am amazed at the huge size of the database. So next time you are looking for any location in Canada, I am sure would be the one that you would be searching in. For more information visit : 相关的主题文章: