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Network-Marketing Tracey Walker Review If youre looking over this Tracey Walker review, youre most likely looking to get some more info on her. In this post, youll learn things that you may or may not know about her and youll also discover if shes truly a blogging expert or not. Youll want to read the entire article cause at the end of this Tracey Walker review, theres some secrets that will be exposed. Who is Tracey Walker Anyways? Tracey Walker is a home business professional and she has be.e an authority in internet marketing also. Born and raised in the south side of Chicago but currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Tracey Walker began her entrepreneurship career in 2002 after she was actually let go from her job. She began to pursue real estate sales and did well until the real estate market started to decline in late 2006 (as most of you already know). She found network marketing in 2007 and thought her money struggles were ultimately OVER! Well as most people experience, she struggled in her .pany initially. Doing a bit of the old school stuff like cold-calling, giving away flyers and business cards, she wasnt getting the results that she wanted. Nonetheless, she continued to push and look for answers. She ventured into the internet and tried to do some marketing that wasnt working either until she met a millionaire guru called Daegan Smith who pretty much showed her the way. Thats when she was able to have a clear course on how to market her business online. She also found the largest attraction marketing platform called MyLeadSytemPro and thats when things really exploded for her. Tracey Walker Review Part II She rapidly went up the rankings in her business, she learned a few traffic strategies like blogging and online video marketing and she reached the 6-figure in.e level in no time. Once she fully understood and adopted the concept of attraction marketing, things really went well for Tracey Walker. Today, she’s considered a Blogging expert because she generates 20-30 FREE leads each day for her network marketing business, all from her blog. So Whats The SECRET To Tracey Walkers Success? Well as mentioned earlier in the Tracey Walker review, once she located a mentor who was able to give her direction, thats when things started rolling for her. And so one of her secrets is definitely having a mentor. Too many people start a business be it multi level marketing or internet marketing, and they do NOT have a mentor that can show them the best way, thus the very high failure rate. Once you have a mentor who has been down the road before you but has reached success, he or she is able to tell you where the pitfalls are and how to prevent them. Most, if not ALL successful entrepreneurs have at some time received coaching and mentoring. It is definitely the key to success. Tracey Walker Review Part III Also another way that Tracey Walker was able to have lots of success is by joining the biggest attraction marketing platform for network marketers in the world called MyLeadSystemPro. If youre unaware of attraction marketing, its simply the skill that numerous top earners use to have prospects chasing them, and not the other way around. MyLeadSystemPro or MLSP, allows ANY network marketer to fully brand themselves online, generate more QUALITY leads for their business, make immediate cashflow by promoting books, courses and other training, and building their primary business opportunity pretty much on autopilot. Inside the MLSP .munity, Tracey was able to learn some REAL marketing skills that’s missing for the majority of network marketers. Most are taught to go out and make up a list of friends and family and the the truth is that your business is MARKETING! Therefore within the .munity, she learned the true marketing tactics that was able to take her business to the top. She’s currently a top producer inside the system today. To conclude this Tracey Walker review, I just want to say that she is an incredible leader in the industry, one that I have learned from, and one that continues to offer her expertise with other people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: