The Japanese Ministry of defense attache to civilian power is more and more like before the Second W-helmet怎么读

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The Japanese Ministry of defense attache to civilian power is more and more like the original title: before World War II, the Japanese Ministry of defense attache to civilian power is more and more like before World War II [] "global military reported that the Japanese Ministry of defense attache civilian transfer operation plan a request permission". Kyodo News Agency broke the news on the 22 day and immediately attracted the attention of the international media concerned about the situation in East asia. Most domestic and foreign analysts believe that this means that Japan’s "civil service leader" system has entered a substantial adjustment phase. Before World War II, by the military headquarters is composed of Japanese militarism and launching a war of aggression key decision makers and promoters. In order to prevent soldiers from interfering in politics after the war, Japan established the system of "civil service commanding". After the Andouble administration passed a series of "new security law" last year, the adjustment of the "civil service leader" system is considered as Japan’s lifting of collective self-defense, making the self-defense forces a key link in the "normal army". This move has prompted doubts about the future national strategy and security policy of Japan’s neighbors in East asia. The "uniform" power Japan’s Kyodo news agency said 22 days to "suit", the "exclusive" is learned from more than the Japanese Ministry of defense and the SDF stakeholders at the. March 29th this year is the new security law enacted in Japan 6 months of formal implementation date. Reported that the new security law is about to be implemented, the Ministry of defense is making the first new security law under the SDF highest level combat plan. In this regard, the defense of the province to the military origin of the SDF officials as the center of the integration staff supervision department requirements to civilian officials as the center of the "bureau" has set the highest transfer combat strategy and planning permission. The internal Bureau refused to say so. It is reported that coordination work is still ongoing. Kyodo news agency said the "internal bureau" and the integrated staff supervision department were mainly for the latest revision of the integrated defense and security basic plan, which was designated as a "specific secret"". The operation command of the 3 self defense forces in Japan, Japan and the mainland must be carried out according to the plan. The report also said that Japan’s self defense forces will revise the latest operational plan, will comprehensively reflect the revised new Japan US defense cooperation guidelines and new security law content last year. Editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

日本防卫省武官向文官夺权 被指越来越像二战前   原标题:日本防卫省武官向文官夺权 被指越来越像二战前   【环球军事报道】“日本防卫省武官要求文官大幅转让作战计划制定权限”。日本共同社22日爆出这条内幕新闻立即吸引了关注东亚局势的国际媒体的眼球。日本国内外多数分析认为,这意味着日本的“文官统领”制度已经进入实质性重大调整阶段。二战前,由军人组成的军部被认为是日本军国主义化以及对外发动侵略战争的主要决策者和推动者。战后为防止军人干预政治,日本设立“文官统领”制度。安倍政府去年强行通过了一系列“新安保法”后,“文官统领”制度的调整被认为是日本解禁集体自卫权,使自卫队成为“正常军队”的关键一环。这一动向令东亚邻国对日本未来的国家战略和安全政策疑虑重重。   “制服组”向“西服组”夺权   日本共同社22日称,该“独家新闻”是从多名日本防卫省及自卫队相关人士处获悉的。今年3月29日是日本新安保法案颁布6个月正式实施的日子。报道称,新安保法即将实施之际,防卫省正在制定首次新安保法下自卫队最高级别作战计划。对此,防卫省内以武官出身的自卫队官员为中心的统合幕僚监部要求以文职官员为中心的“内局”大幅转让制定最高作战战略和计划的权限。“内局”对此表示拒绝。报道称,目前协调工作仍在进行。   共同社称,“内局”和统合幕僚监部主要是争夺最新的《统合防卫及警备基本计划》的修订权,这一计划被指定为“特定秘密”。日本陆海空3支自卫队的作战指挥都必须依照该计划执行。报道还称,日本自卫队即将修订的这个最新作战计划,将全面反映去年修改的新日美防卫合作指针以及新安保法内容。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: