A maximum of 500 million stolen account history! Round the sale of YAHOO core assets 纪元1701

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A maximum of 500 million stolen account history! YAHOO’s core asset sale turmoil YAHOO to offbeat way again to write the history of the internet. The United States Thursday afternoon 2:30, YAHOO officially confirmed the account number of user information stolen, affecting at least 500 million. This has created the history of the largest single site information theft record. Prior to the Wall Street informative reports, in August this year, there are 200 million users in the online sale of YAHOO user information. In its official statement, YAHOO said that at least 500 million user account information stolen from its network in 2014. The stolen account information may include name, email address, telephone number, birthday, after conversion of the password hash (hashed passwords), and in some cases, including encrypted or without password protection, encryption of questions and answers.". YAHOO said that it believes that this is the government support for hackers, the existing survey evidence shows that the government is not in the YAHOO hacker network". Affected by this news, YAHOO shares in the afternoon to reduce the increase, the day basically flat. It is not clear how much of the impact of the spill on the sale of YAHOO’s core assets. After a long period of auction and negotiations, YAHOO in July this year to $4 billion 830 million in cash to sell its network core assets to Werrison communications (VZ). If the merger is successful, Verizon will integrate YAHOO search, email, communication and advertising business with aol. The account is stolen network core assets belonging to YAHOO. Werrison communications in 2015 to $4 billion 400 million acquisition of the U.S. online business. It is hoped that through the integration of both mobile video and advertising services, access to the company’s revenue sources outside the wireless network business. As a potential third party victims, Verizon said "it is 2 days ago told YAHOO data theft incident", "the YAHOO account stolen events influence and understanding are very limited". In the account information stolen in history, only the 2014 Russian hackers steal 1 billion 200 million account information than the event scale, but it was stolen from hundreds of websites. Single site information theft, YAHOO created a historical record. Prior to this event, the top three single site user information leakage distribution is MySpace of 360 million, Linkedln of 167 million and Ebay of 145 million.相关的主题文章: