30% college graduates to work six months on the lack of career planning 魔界骑士イングリッド

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The first half of 30% college graduates on the job occupation planning lack of golden nine silver ten is traditional recruitment season. On the one hand, enterprises recruit graduates for the autumn and busy; on the other hand, social workers, former students busy for work, in September, October is the peak annual recruitment season. According to Mycos Institute released the "2016 China employment report" shows that 2015 of college graduates in the graduation half year turnover rate is 34%, only 40% students did not choose to quit or change jobs within three years of graduation, turnover is mainly due to insufficient space for personal development and low salary and welfare. Some experts believe that the real reason for frequent job hopping is that the individual development planning is not clear enough, it is recommended to fully understand their own graduates and career planning. Survey of three months of unemployed graduates of the highest monthly income of graduates how frequent job hopping? According to Mycos Institute released the "2016 China employment report" shows that 2015 university graduates within six months turnover rate is 34%. Among them, the 2015 graduates of undergraduate and vocational college graduates within six months turnover rate was 24%, 43%. In Colleges and universities, 211 college graduates in the 2015 half of the turnover rate of 13%, non "undergraduate" turnover rate of 211. From a professional point of view, in the 2015 undergraduate disciplines, the minimum rate of medical leave within half a year was 12%, the highest turnover rate of literature and agronomy for six months, both were 31%. In the 2015 major categories of higher vocational colleges, medical and health categories in half a year, the lowest turnover rate of 22%, the largest rate of art and design media in the semi annual turnover of 54%. Three years after graduation from college students "job hopping" situation. 2012 university graduates graduated three years average worked for 2.2 employers, only 42% of the graduates in three years only worked for 1 employers; higher vocational graduates are more frequent replacement of the employer, the average number of employers for 2.5, only 23% of the high vocational college graduates didn’t change the "club in three years". In these departures, the main reason is the lack of personal development space, low salary and benefits". However, the job can really get paid? In fact, according to the survey, in the 2012 university graduates, graduates in the past three years has been the work of the graduates of the highest monthly income of 1 employers, undergraduate was $6487, higher vocational education for the $5293. The reason for many reasons: interpersonal relationship, job wages, the future of the 2015 graduates of Guangzhou University Zhang turnover from an advertising company media specialist position two months ago, turned to another larger PR company. Before the company is not large, the development platform is not particularly good. The boss like the lantern back and forth to get used to." Zhang said that in determining that he really can not learn more things, Zhang proposed resignation to the company. Xiao Zhang’s roommate and instrument has just left her a year ago "over five hurdles a large enterprises will enter the six", reason is very direct – too little money. "The entry of more than 4000 yuan, a year after the post wage rose to 5000 yuan, more than just recruits newcomers"相关的主题文章: