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Anhui part of the three or four lines of the property market gradually pick up   Hefei property market — real estate — new regulation effect previews original title: Anhui part of the three or four lines of the property market gradually pick up new agency Hefei property market new regulation effect previews map reporter Wei Liang photo China News Agency, Hefei, September 6 (Zhang Jun) "thought only in Hefei did not rise in prices. Think of home prices in Wuhu also rose." Meng Da, who works in Hefei, was surprised by the price. Release Chinese Index Research Institute in August Chinese real estate 100 city price index report shows that the three line city of Wuhu with 3.68% of the price increase successful squeeze the top ten, has 5 consecutive months in the top three in Hefei dropped to seventeenth. Under the influence of the new regulation of the property market in Hefei, Hefei house prices rose again slowed down while the three or four tier cities in Anhui property market is gradually warming. Hefei Real Estate Research Institute, said Ling Bin, deputy director of Hefei real estate prices rose again slowed, indicating that the government has achieved regulatory effect. In particular, in August, in the purchase of the policy tightening and the impact of the purchase of rumors, both volume and transaction prices slowed down, the real phenomenon has been curbed. Hefei property market cooling, but the province part of the three or four line of the city is upstream. Anhui Wuhu new home prices rose from June to increase in August to complete the two jump, or up to 10.5%. Anhui Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development statistics show that the end of 7 the province’s commercial housing inventory of 88 million 129 thousand square meters, to the cycle of 17.1 months. Compared with the end of last year, inventory reduction of 9 million 243 thousand square meters, to shorten the cycle of the period of 1.9 months. Among them, Lu’an, Fuyang, Bengbu, Chuzhou, Suzhou, Bozhou 6 new commercial housing sales rose more than 50%, the real estate inventory effect significantly. Part of the three or four line of the property market to speed up inventory, the main reason is the external cities such as Nanjing, Xiamen, Suzhou and the provincial capital city of Hefei housing prices, the spillover effect." Ling Bin said that the impact of changes in the prices of other cities in the province of the psychological expectations of buyers, the psychological expectations of price increases, we rush to buy a house, resulting in sales growth, inventory to shorten the period. In fact, long-standing status of Anhui property market Rainbow Night, fire is the provincial capital of Hefei commercial housing, the day of the sale on an empty disc and a week sold Zhou Guangpan frequently. On the other side, the same commodity housing, Mount Huangshan’s real estate market is cold. Although only 2 million 200 thousand square meters of inventory, but in accordance with the previous sales pace in Mount Huangshan, it takes about 29 months to digest inventory. Anqing, Tongling, Ma’anshan, Huainan and Chizhou, five cities of commodity housing, to the cycle of more than 1 years. Ling Bin said that although the inventory faster, but the growth in sales, to shorten the period should be short, because the number of city residential demand and no substantive changes, the city’s commercial real estate has yet to find the recipe to inventory. In the future, the core cities will continue to maintain a high turnover, and continue to conduct the surrounding cities, the real estate inventory is still due to the city policy. Report data show that in August, in Hefei, Nanjing, Xiamen)相关的主题文章: