Dozens of people injured or the last earthquake aftershocks – Beijing Italy earthquake series dnf商人吧

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27 Xinhua comprehensive foreign media reports, dozens of people injured or the last earthquake aftershocks – Beijing, Beijing, October in Italy after earthquake, local time on the evening of 26 this month, many earthquakes occurred in central Italy, according to the relevant departments of the country’s officials said the earthquake has caused at least dozens of people were injured and treated at present has not yet received the news killed or seriously injured. The United States Geological Survey website news, the first earthquake occurred at local time at 17:10 on the Richter scale, the magnitude of 5.5, the second earthquake occurred in the past 2 hours, the Richter scale of 6.1. Italy Institute of Geophysics and volcanoes experts pointed out that the earthquake may be related to the earthquake occurred in central Italy in August 24th this year. The two earthquake happened to be in the same area. According to Italy issued by the National Geophysical Research Information and volcano, earthquake occurred at 26 local time (Beijing time 19:11 on the 27 day at 1:11), the epicenter is located in Macerata, Marche. When the earthquake occurred, the capital of Italy Rome felt strongly that people feel chandelier shake, shake the windows. Media reports said the earthquake some buildings collapsed, near Perugia, Ancona are affected by the earthquake, it is understood that in August 24th this year, Italy 6 earthquake had occurred in central Lazio province of Rieti, a total of 297 people were killed.相关的主题文章: