The man suspected of psychosis caused by its mother beat the street blood everywhere caxa实体设计

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The man suspected of psychosis caused by its mother beat the street blood everywhere wounded mother original title: Yantai man street beat mother continued: suspected psychotic episodes, two people have been hospitalized recently circulated on the Internet a place in the streets of Yantai, the son of beaten mother video. Witnesses after the alarm, the police and doctors to the scene to treat the elderly, the batterer suspected mental illness was sent to the hospital in Laiyang mental rehabilitation center for examination and hospitalization. 13, 2009, said Yang Shuqing was hit by the mother, the day of the incident is relatively sudden, his son said he had cancer and forced her to go out to see a doctor, the middle of the video hit the scene. The wounded mother reporter learned that the old man was playing position in Yantai District of Laishan City Road Shanghai Shuanghe garden and Deschamps family border crossroads, not far from the living place. From the video shot can be seen in the injured mother sitting on the lower half, paralysis, a pool of blood on the ground, hit men wearing security uniforms, not towards passers-by shouting. 13, the reporter saw the old man in the hospital ward was beaten Yang Shuqing. She was lying in bed with eyes closed, there are sewing stitches at, on both sides of the mouth has obvious purple swelling, also talk with some difficulty, kept repeating "don’t want to live". In front of the bed, a friend of the old man and her son-in-law are taking care of her. Friends of the old man kept wiping her tears with a paper towel. "Two days before his face was badly swollen, these two days is much better, but still not open eyes." The old man’s friend said. Yang Shuqing 68 year old, a family living in a residential area of Yantai, Laishan. Son usually lives upstairs, she and his wife had remarried piece of reclaimed land in the area near, they built a simple house on the side, the two old people usually live in a simple house. Yang Shuqing said, the son as a security guard in an industrial park, a monthly income of 2000 yuan, usually few words, rarely with their old two AC. Last year, after his son divorced, often go to their house to get rice, often take the meal away, never speak, and then go home to eat. On the 8 day of the incident, the son came to his parents home after noon. "He came back and said his illness, cancer, also hematemesis." Yang Shuqing said she still does not know whether his son is really cancer or play. The same day at noon, Yang Shuqing’s wife’s son is also at home, because to catch up with his wife to go to work late uncle lunch. "I did not expect that he would hit, never had before, as early as it will prevent the point." Late uncle said. According to reports, Yang Shuqing was pulled out of the old man is more than 12 noon, the son said he would go to see a doctor. Yang Shuqing was pulled out of a distance, said to take a break, this time there are passers-by passing by, Yang Shuqing wanted to help people, I did not expect this time his son moved hand. "I don’t remember anything, I don’t know how to play. I woke up to the hospital." Yang Shuqing said, after his son did not appear spiritual problems. According to police reports, the batterer sun Moumou 43 years old, in the beach community people, a family history of mental illness, the same day when suspected mental illness Kai相关的主题文章: