This week the weather in Nanchang before the second half of the week after the rain sunny temperatur 霍金hawking

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This week the weather in Nanchang before the second half of the week after the rain sunny temperature to return to the "2" prefix Nanchang news network last week in our city to cloudy weather, affected by cold air, later in the week once cool, windy weather, the minimum temperature dropped to 11 to 12 DEG C, the lowest value since the second half of the year (in early October 30th the average temperature 17.4~18.1 weeks), higher than the same period the year 0.3~0.9 deg.c; precipitation 1~5 mm, more 7~8. As of October 30th 20, this year, the city average rainfall of 1598 mm, more than the same period last year, more than 7%. Average monthly rainfall of 42mm, less than the same period in history 23%. Today at the beginning of this week, and a weak cold air "latent" south, Nanchang continues to rainy today and tomorrow, the heavy rain, the average rainfall of 2.1mm, local and sporadic rain tonight, tomorrow will also have 3~4 northerly winds. Early this week is expected to more than the rain, the temperature dropped further, the latter to sunny cloudy weather. After tomorrow, people look forward to the upcoming return, "an invigorating autumn climate" sunshine "posts" the highest temperature will return to the "2" prefix. ~11 is expected to be 1 months on the south by the impact of cold air continues to fall, the city has a cooling, strong winds and weak precipitation weather process in 31. The 31 day overcast with light rain; 1 days overcast to cloudy; 2~6 day of fine weather, the temperature has gone up. Specific forecast the next three days   the 1 day: cloudy to cloudy, north wind 3~4, 13~16 C; the 2 day: cloudy to sunny, north wind 2~3, 12~18 C; 3: sunny, north wind 2~3, 11~20 C. (reporter Wang Xu)相关的主题文章: